New Realtree Camo Pac-Lite Barrels from Tactical Solutions


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

January 30th, 2006




It has been just over two years now since I have first written of my experience with Pac-Lite barrels for the Ruger .22 auto pistols from Tactical Solutions of Boise, Idaho. Since that first article, I have tested Tactical Solutions' barrels for the Ruger 10/22 and the Browning Buck Mark, and have been equally impressed with their quality and accuracy.

I recently received from Tactical Solutions another barrel/receiver unit for a Ruger .22 auto pistol; this one finished in the popular Realtree Hardwoods Green HD camouflage pattern. Since I have detailed the features of these barrel/receiver units in the original article, I won’t plow the same ground here again. Instead, I refer you to the original article for that information.

Shooting the new Realtree finished unit proved that the accuracy and quality has not slipped at all during the past two years. The groups pictured were typical, not unusual, of my experience. Every group fired exhibited excellent accuracy. Testing was done at a range of thirty yards. Functioning was also flawless. As the pictures show, the Realtree finish is applied with great attention to detail.

The six inch Pac-Lite unit offers a very real weight savings over the original Ruger five and one-half inch unit. The Ruger barrel/receiver unit weighs in at nineteen and one-half ounces, while the Pac-Lite weighs in at only eight and two-tenths ounces. Adding the Picatinny scope rail adds only another seven-tenths of an ounce. That is over a half pound difference in weight, and it dramatically effects the balance of the pistol for the better.

There is not much more that I can say about the Pac-Lite barrel/receiver unit that I have not stated before. I will say again that it is an excellent product, and that I highly recommend it. Tactical Solutions is also working on some other very interesting projects, of which I will be able to report further in about ten days from the 2006 SHOT Show.

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Jeff Quinn


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New Realtree Camo Pac-Lite Barrel from Tactical Solutions.



Realtree camo version as compared to Tactical Solutions' black-anodized fluted aluminum unit.



Realtree camo finish is durable, attractive and practical.



Original Ruger barrel/receiver unit (top) weighs in at 19.5 ounces, while the Tactical Solutions unit tips the scales at a feather-light 8.2 ounces.



Barrel unit as tested included a good-quality set of fully adjustable sights.



Picatinny rail makes for easy mounting of a variety of optics, including a Charles Daly 2x pistol scope (top) and a Trijicon reflex sight (bottom).



As we have come to expect from Tactical Solutions, the Pac-Lite Realtree barrel unit proved to be exceptionally accurate using a wide variety of ammunition.



Tactical Solutions' Realtree Pac-Lite barrel unit on a Ruger frame, coupled with a quick-to-use and lightweight optical sight such as the Trijicon Reflex and good-quality ammo, is a fine squirrel hunting combo.