The 2006 SHOT (Shooting, Hunting & Outdoor Trades) Show was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV in February 2006, and was there! Yeah, it was a tough job, but somebody had do it...

SHOT Show 2006 - Day 1

Added February 9th, 2006

SHOT Show 2006 - Day 2

Added February 10th, 2006

SHOT Show 2006 - Day 3

Added February 11th, 2006

Wednesday, February 8th, the day before the formal opening of the SHOT Show, was a day devoted to "Media Day" shoots. In the morning, Jeff was a guest of Browning, Winchester, Springfield Armory & Bushnell, while the afternoon saw events with Smith & Wesson, Walther & Crimson Trace. These shoots were organized to allow selected gun writers to have "hands-on" experience with the various manufacturers' new products for 2006.

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Before the morning shoot, Jeff ran into Wally Brownlee of Target Shooting, Inc., who demonstrated their new Model 2500 Shooting Bench. Jeff considers this bench to the the best on the market.

Springfield Armory's new XD 45 ACP.

Jeff shoots the XD 45.

Winchester is importing a new Russian .22 bolt-action rifle.

Browning brings back the T-Bolt .22!

Robert Henry "Doc" O'Meara shoots the Browning T-Bolt.

Smith & Wesson introduces a new AR-15!

S&W's new AR-15.

Smith & Wesson's "Bear Protection Kit".

S&W .460 from the "Bear Protection Kit". yes, the grips are bright yellow!

Smith & Wesson's new M&P in .40 S&W.

Crimson Trace's new lighter, slimmer laser grip for S&W's "J" Frame revolvers.

Compared to the older design (right) the size advantage of the new Crimson Trace laser grips is obvious.