Trail-Lite .22 Lightweight Bull Barrels for Browning Buckmark Pistols


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

August 20th, 2005




A little over one and a half years ago I did a review of the Pac-Lite .22 barrel/receivers for Ruger auto pistols from Tactical Solutions of Boise, Idaho. These are some of the slickest high quality barrel units that I have ever used, and really are a great improvement to the Ruger pistols in terms of accuracy and portability. Now Tactical Solutions is making lightweight barrels for the Browning Buckmark series of pistols. Unlike the Ruger units, the Trail-Lite barrels use the Browning receiver, so no Federal Firearms License is need to order one, nor is any paperwork needed to purchase one from a gun shop. These barrels are the same quality as the Pac-Lite units, so I won’t go into great detail here on their construction, but refer the reader to the Pac-Lite article. The barrels are a high quality thin chrome-moly liner within a lightweight outer aluminum tube. They are offered in several colors, and in lengths of four, five and one-half, seven and one-quarter, and ten inches. They are available fluted or non-fluted. There is also a four inch barrel with a threaded muzzle for the attachment of a brake or suppressor. Pictured here is a muzzle brake that quickly threads on. It is a really not necessary on a twenty-two rimfire, but the cool factor is right off the chart!

These barrels attach easily and quickly to any Browning Buckmark pistol, and allow the use of a scope mount or the Browning rear sight. The Trail-Lite barrels have the front sight already attached. I have always liked the Buckmark pistols, but have never found them to be especially accurate, and was anxious to see if the Trail-Lite barrels improved their accuracy.

Gathering a variety of ammunition, I mounted a scope and proceeded to test the barrels for function and accuracy. Each of the barrels exhibited perfect functioning. Accuracy of the Trail-Lite barrels were better than any that I have ever seen with a Buckmark. These Trail-Lite barrels will shoot! As can be seen in the photo, these barrels are capable of very good accuracy. The practical accuracy of the Buckmark could be improved with a lighter trigger pull, but that is a matter for another time. The Trail-Lite barrels greatly enhance the portability of the Buckmark, just as do the Pac-Lites on the Ruger. 

If you own a Browning Buckmark, and desire lighter weight and improved accuracy, with a variety of color and barrel length options, I highly recommend these Trail-Lite barrels from Tactical Solutions.

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Jeff Quinn


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Trail-Lite .22 Lightweight Bull Barrels for Browning Buckmark Pistols.









The Trail-Lite barrels are available threaded for a muzzle brake (shown) or suppressor. These barrels include a threaded cap (bottom) for use when the muzzle brake or suppressor is not installed. 



The Trail-Lite .22 barrels were tested using a wide variety of ammunition (top). Function was perfect, and accuracy was exceptional (bottom).