Ruger 10-22 Magazine Release Lever from Tactical Solutions


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

February 27th, 2007




The Ruger 10-22 is the most popular .22 semi-auto rifle in the world, and for good reason. Since its introduction back in 1964, it has proven to be an extremely reliable, durable, and accurate weapon. It is also very affordable, and is one of those rifles that every shooter should own.

Like most rifles that are extremely popular, the aftermarket is full of things made to "improve" the weapon. Some are only ornamental and quite useless, while others do indeed improve either the handling or accuracy of the weapon. 

Tactical Solutions of Boise, Idaho is famous for their lightweight and accurate barrels for rimfire Ruger and Browning rifles and pistols.  However, they have several other unique and useful products also, one of which I happened across at the 2007 SHOT show, and is the subject of this piece.

One of my only gripes with the Ruger 10-22 rifle is that the magazine release is sometimes awkward to operate. It is usually no problem to just reach in and pluck out the magazine, unless the shooter is wearing gloves or using an extended magazine. However, with gloves on, I find it almost impossible to get my finger in there to easily release the magazine. Tactical Solutions has the ……well, the solution to that problem.

It is a dandy little aluminum lever that replaces the magazine release on the 10-22, and it makes releasing the magazine so much easier, that I don’t know how I survived without one. They make it anodized in several different colors, but the matte black suits me just fine. The release is a lever that closely follows the contour of the Ruger trigger guard.

Replacing the part takes about five minutes, if you really take your time. You remove the action from the stock. On most 10-22 rifles, this involves one receiver screw and a barrel band screw. After the stock is off, simply push the magazine release pin out from the side of the bolt hold-open latch, leaving your push-pin in place to hold the bolt latch in place. Then, switch the magazine releases, and insert the retaining pin, pushing out  your push-pin at the same time. That whole process takes less than a minute, and was easier for me to do the switch than to type up this paragraph.

Using the new magazine release is a dream, even with cold fingers or thick gloves, and even in total darkness. Just push the lever and catch the magazine. It works with standard Ruger ten round mags or any extended magazine; it doesn’t matter.

This is one of those little devices that every 10-22 owner should have.  It is durable, reliable, inexpensive, and makes shooting the 10-22 more enjoyable. After using this one, I know that I have to get a couple of more for myself. I want one on every 10-22 that I own.

You can order these directly from Tactical Solutions. For ordering info and prices, go to: or call 866-333-9901.

Jeff Quinn

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Ruger 10-22 Magazine Release Lever from Tactical Solutions.



As great as Ruger's 10-22 is, its magazine release leaves something to be desired.



Tactical Solutions' extended magazine release lever is a big improvement.



To install the Tactical Solutions magazine release lever, simply drift out pin (top) and replace the factory part (bottom).



To use the Tactical Solutions magazine release lever, push down the lever (top) and catch the magazine (bottom).