Tactical Solutions’ Lightweight Threaded barrels for the Ruger Charger Pistol


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

February 18th , 2008




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It has been a little over four years since I first reviewed the Pac-Lite lightweight upper receiver/barrel units for the Ruger semi-auto .22 Long Rifle pistols made by the good folks at Tactical Solutions of Boise, Idaho. At that time, Tactical Solutions was a relatively new company offering products unlike anything else on the market. Upon first hearing of the Pac-Lite units, I immediately fell in love with the concept, and ordered one the same day. It proved to be not only much lighter in weight than the standard barrel/receiver of the Mark I auto pistol, but also greatly improved upon the already fine accuracy of that Ruger pistol.

Since that time, Tactical Solutions has introduced one successful product after another, with several of their unique products reviewed here on Gunblast.com. About two weeks ago, we were at the annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, looking over interesting new stuff scattered among lots of the same old products. As expected, the Tactical Solutions booth was always crowded with folks looking over the interesting and innovative new products being shown by the crew from Boise. Of particular interest to me was their new lightweight barrels being produced for the new Ruger Charger pistol, particularly since Tactical Solutions had borrowed my Charger develop the new barrels.

The barrels for the Charger are similar to the barrels for the 10/22 rifle in that they are of a heavy profile, but are light in weight, made with a stainless steel barrel inside of an aluminum outer sleeve. Two lengths are offered for the Charger; a twelve inch and a five and one-half, either threaded or not. I have a five and one-half that is smooth on the outside profile, and a twelve that is fluted. Both are threaded to accept a muzzle break or a suppressor, and they measure about .912 inch diameter. I have a Tactical Solutions .22 caliber suppressor that I have grown to dearly love on my 10/22 and Mark 1 and Mark III .22 autos. My favorite ammunition for these suppressed firearms is the Winchester Dynapoint 40 grain semi-hollowpoints. In the shorter barrels, the load is subsonic, and very quiet. In the longer rifle barrels, it makes more noise, but is still pleasant to shoot without ear protection. I fired both barrels on the Charger with and without the suppressor, and with and without the muzzle brake. The more I shoot this Ruger Charger, the more I like it. Distributors tell me that the Chargers are selling like crazy, so evidently, shooters are realizing just how much fun these guns really are. Aside from the practical use as a small game and varmint pistol, the Charger is a lot of fun as an inexpensive and accurate plinker and target pistol.

Using the same Charger action and the same Leupold 2.5 to 8 power scope, the accuracy of the Charger, which was already very good, improved significantly using the Tactical Solutions barrels. With my favorite Dynapoints and the Tac-Sol twelve inch barrel, the Charger would consistently group well under one inch at fifty yards. I tried some Wolf and PMC Match ammo also, but it grouped about the same, and I like the Dynapoint better. The Dynapoint is plated, hollow pointed, and shoots like match ammo at half the price. The new Tactical Solutions barrels do for the Charger what their lightweight barrels did for the Ruger Mark III, 10/22 carbine, and Browning pistols. That is, they make an already great gun even better; much lighter and more accurate.

Tactical Solutions has several other interesting projects in the works, and I anxiously await the arrival of their 1911 .22 Long Rifle conversion. If it is as reliable and accurate as I think that it will be, it should be an instant hit with shooters.

For a look at the entire line of Tactical Solutions, barrels, upper receivers, suppressors, stocks, and accessories, go to www.tacticalsol.com.

Jeff Quinn

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Tactical Solutions' muzzle brake is nicely designed and effective.



Stainless barrel is contained within lightweight aluminum outer sleeve.





Another nifty accessory available from Tactical Solutions is their 10/22 magazine release.



Barrel attaches easily and securely.



Using Jeff's favorite suppressed load (Winchester's Dynapoint), the Tactical Solutions barrels proved to be very accurate.



Leupold 2.5-8x scope completes a very accurate, and very fun, package.



For even more fun, try a Tactical Solutions suppressor!