SHOT Show 2012 - Day 2

SHOT Show 2012 "Media Day at the Range"

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SHOT Show 2012 Day 2

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Mako GL-Shock telescoping buttstocks.

Alexander Arms' 300 AAC Blackout rifle.

Krebs Custom AK.

Doublestar rifles.

New products from EOTech.

Rhino 300 Blackout rifle with 18" bull barrel.

JP Enterprises rifle.

Tapco rifles.

Nemesis Arms "Vanquish" rifle comes in five different calibers. David Liskey shows the 308 version.

New rifles from Daniel Defense. 

GA Precision rifles.

Badger Ordnance "Whiskey III".

Badger Ordnance "Whiskey III". 

Keith Feeley with Tactical Solutions X-Ring 22 rifle.

Tactical Solutions' new magazine release for the Browning Buck mark.

Tactical Solutions' new magazine loading tool... for Ruger Mk I, II and III magazines, as well as the Ruger 22/45, High Standard and Browning designs.

Tactical Solutions threaded-barrel 22 conversion kit for the Glock.

Troy Industries rifles.

Gemtech G7 M240 suppressor.

VLTOR M4K-M (top) and SBR7-S (bottom).

Safety Harbor Firearms' 50 BMG rifle.

Winchester Growler ATV.

Pedersoli engraved rolling block rifle with tactical rail.

Armor Works body armor.

Adcor's new 7.62x51mm rifle.

Dillon Precision loaders.

New from Dillon Precision is their DL-550 loader.

Legacy Puma Model 1887 lever-action shotgun.

Legacy Puma Model 1886 rifle. 

Caracal's Model CP462 pistol.

Caracal Model CP462 pistol.

A selection of Iver Johnson 1911 pistols.

STI Tactical 45 pistol.

Noreen with 338 Lapua rifle.

ATA Arms' SB Engraved II 12-gauge shotgun.

Excel Arms Model MR22 in 22 Magnum.

Excel Arms X22R in 22 Long Rifle.

DoubleTap Safari ammo in 500 Nitro Express (left) and 470 Nitro Express (right).

An assortment of loads from Grizzly Cartridge Co.

Grizzly Xtreme premium self-defense ammo.

Cutting Edge Bullets.

Fired, expanded bullet shows the radical performance of the Cutting Edge design.

Cutting Edge 45/70 bullet.

Wild West Guns.

Dominique with Wild West Guns' Co-Pilot 44 Magnum carbine.

Wild West Guns' Wolverine revolver in 454 Casull.

Bersa's new BP9cc Concealed carry pistol.

Volquartsen Custom rifles.

Arno Bernard Knives' new "Croc" knives.

Arno Bernard knives.

SHOT Show 2012 "Media Day at the Range"

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SHOT Show 2012 Day 2

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