SHOT Show 2012 - "Media Day at the Range"

by Boge Quinn

Monday, January 16th, 2011, the day before the opening of the SHOT Show, was a day devoted to "Media Day" shoots.  These shooting events were organized to allow selected gun writers to have "hands-on" experience with the various manufacturers' product lines and new products, and to have fun shooting up lots of free ammo. Participation was way up from previous years, both from manufacturers and media, with New Media representation driving attendance up exponentially from years past; still, the event was superbly organized, and went off smoothly.

SHOT Show 2012 "Media Day at the Range"

SHOT Show 2012 Day 1

SHOT Show 2012 Day 2

SHOT Show 2012 Day 3


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Colt Custom Shop 45 pistol, featuring a Commander slide on an Officer's Model frame.

Colt New Frontier with 7-1/2" barrel.

SAMCO pistols.

Colt is reintroducing the Model 1877 "Bulldog" Gatling Gun.

The Colt 1877 Gatling Gun is a beautifully-crafted example of the gunmaker's art.

Bad Boy Buggies' new "Ambush" Hybrid vehicle.

Jeff with the first prototype of Ruger's new 17 Hornet bolt-action rifle.

Hornady's 17 Hornet load propels a 20-grain V-MAX bullet to an impressive 3,650 fps.

Winchester's new Razor Back XT hog ammo.

Franchi's newly-redesigned "Instinct" line of over/under shotguns.

Leupold's new Mark 6 scope. 

Amy Plasse with Savage's "Hog Hunter" 308 rifle.

Crimson Trace's new MVF-600 modular forward grip unit allows for interchangeability of Laser, Infra-Red and flashlight modules on a central platform.

Crimson Trace is introducing a Laser unit for Ruger's hot new SR22 pistol

Glock "Generation 4" Model 21 pistol.

SlideFire Solutions has expanded their line of excellent buttstocks to the AK-47 and AK-74 rifles.

T/C's new Dimension interchangeable-barrel rifle.

Springfield Armory's new XDs compact 45 pistol.

Core15's new "Moonshiner" rifle.

SAR Arms' Model SR-38 revolver.

SAR Arms' Model CM-9 pistol.

Sword International rifle.

SHOT Show 2012 "Media Day at the Range"

SHOT Show 2012 Day 1

SHOT Show 2012 Day 2

SHOT Show 2012 Day 3