SHOT Show 2012 - Day 1

SHOT Show 2012 "Media Day at the Range"

SHOT Show 2012 Day 1

SHOT Show 2012 Day 2

SHOT Show 2012 Day 3


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Galco's new M6X holster with thumb release lever.

FN's FNS-9 9mm pistol.

Ruger's SR9c 9mm compact pistol with factory-installed Crimson Trace laser unit is available exclusively from Lipsey's dealers.

Springfield M1A Scout rifle with aftermarket stock.

Kimber Solo CDP LG pistol with Crimson Trace lasergrip.

Kimber Classic rifles.

Cor-Bon's new Classic Hunter action.

New shotguns from Savage.

Stevens Model 512 shotguns.

Rack of Ruger SR-556 rifles.

Pedersoli short "two-pipe" percussion shotgun. 

Engraved Pedersoli rolling block rifle.

Sabatti double rifles.

Winchester's "Historical" leverguns line (top to bottom): Models 71, 86 & 94. 

Sig Mosquito 22 pistol in Desert Digital Camo.

Sig "Pink Mosquito" 22 pistol.

Sig P938 9mm (top) and P238 380 (bottom).

Mossberg "Sidewinder" shotgun.

Linda Powell with Mossberg's new Model 464SPX lever-action rifle, available in 22 Long Rifle or 30 WCF (30-30).

Mike Schweibert with Weatherby's PA459 shotgun featuring "skull-pattern" stock.

Closeup of Weatherby's "skull-pattern" stock.

Riza Tavares with Redfield's new "Revenge" range-finding scope.

Redfield's new "Revenge" range-finding scopes.

Leupold's "Zombie" scope.

Leupold's "Zombie" scope.

Smith & Wesson Governor CT 45 Colt / 45 ACP / .410 shotshell revolver with Crimson Trace lasergrip.

Smith & Wesson's Classic Series Model 48 22 Magnum revolver.

Exquisitely engraved and inlaid Browning double shotgun.

Browning leverguns.

Ruger No. 1 International single-shot rifle in 300 Ruger Compact Magnum.

Henry Survival Rifle.

HK's MR762 is in production now.

HK 45 Compact Tactical pistol.

Beretta Stampede sixgun in stainless.

Beretta U22 NEOS Carbine Kit.

Cassandra Hernandez with Rossi's 22 Long Rifle / .410 shotshell pistol.

Remington's 1911 R1 pistol is now available in stainless.

Marlin Model 39A 120th Anniversary.

Bushmaster BA-50.

Ashley Ecker with a one-of-a-kind "Undercover" custom motorcycle, built by Orange County Choppers. This motorcycle will be given away in a drawing to a lucky Charter dealer; dealers receive a chance to win for each Charter Undercover revolver sold.

Taylor's & Co. short leverguns.

Taylor's & Co. Leverguns.

Jodi DePorter (left) and Jessica Roberts (right) with Kahr's CM-40 pistol.

Jodi DePorter with Magnum Research Desert Eagle pistol, plated in 24K gold.

DSA Weapons System rifles.

Eagle Grips' "Art Jewel" series grips.

EAA Witness 45 pistol.

AmChar Wholesale's Jessica Larkin with orange-framed Diamondback DB380 pistol.

Sherri Goodwin with CZ's Model 805 Bren A2.

Freedom Arms revolver sight options.

Cimarron Firearms' Titan derringer.

Cimarron Firearms' high-polish 1911 45 pistol.

SHOT Show 2012 "Media Day at the Range"

SHOT Show 2012 Day 1

SHOT Show 2012 Day 2

SHOT Show 2012 Day 3