SHOT Show 2003

Day 3

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Paula Iwanski with Stevens' new 411 side-by-side shotgun. The new Stevens shotguns are good-quality field guns and priced to sell.

Eagle Grips' "Gunfighter" SA revolver grips are thinned-down for better handling.

New from Cold Steel for 2003 are the Recon 1 folding knives.

Also new from Cold Steel is the Laredo Bowie with leather sheath.

Springfield Armory's XD sub-compact 9mm with 3" barrel.

Springfield Armory M6 Scout .22LR / .410 bore / .45 Colt survival gun.

Taurus new Model 425Ti Tracker 5-shot .41 Magnum.

Also new from Taurus is the .454 Silhouette 5-shot 12"-barrelled .454 Casull DA revolver.

Ty Herring and Kami Hall of Barnes Bullets with the promising new Triple-Shock X-Bullets.

Fabarm "Classic Lion" Grade 1 12-gauge double shotgun.

New from Fabarm is their semi-auto Tactical Shotgun in 12-gauge, featuring Fabarm's new fiber-optic sight system.

Weatherby's Super Predator Master SPM varmint rifle.

Para Ordnance's new Tac-Four stainless semi-auto pistol in .45 ACP.

Guns & Ammo Handguns magazine's Frank James with a Smith & Wesson Performance Center customized Model 647 in .17 HMR.

Laura Blackman with a Smith & Wesson Performance Center custom .45 ACP belly-gun.

New from Leupold for 2003 is the Retractable Ballistics Chart. This nifty little item can be attached to any scope with a 1" or 30mm tube.

Leupold also introduces a new line of Wind River binoculars.

Jeff really likes the Marlin Model 1897T .22 takedown lever gun.

New from Marlin is the Model 336Y "Spikehorn" youth model in .30-30.

Marlin also introduces their new Model 410 lever-action shotgun in .410 bore.

Mossberg's 835 shotgun is available in a new camo pattern and an attractive case that allows the gun to be carried without disassembly.

Charlyn Mason and Betty Howard with Sierra's new loading manual.

Jamie Harvey with a Cimarron engraved Henry rifle.

Cimarron 1873 Carbine in .44 WCF.

Alexander Arms' new muzzle brake for their .50 Beowulf rifles.

Jeff and Bill Alexander of Alexander Arms.

A "scoop"!

Alexander Arms is developing a new 6.5mm cartridge. We can't say any more yet, other than this will be an impressive new rifle/cartridge combo. Look to for the first reviews of this exciting new project, slated for market in 2004.

Alexander Arms' short "law enforcement only" .50 Beowulf rifle.

Paul Braun with DPMS Panther Arms' "Panther .308" rifle, soon to be available in .300 Remington Short Action Ultra-Mag.

DPMS Panther Arms' "Panther .22LR" carbine.

Browning has expanded their excellent A-Bolt line with the Left-hand A-Bolt Micro Hunter rifle.

Savage Model 116 Safari Express in .375 H&H Magnum with express sights & muzzle brake.

David Konn shows the new Kahr PM9 polymer-framed 9mm pistols. Slick and tiny, the PM9 weighs a scant 14 ounces unloaded.

Jeff inspects the new Armsco 28-gauge double-barrelled shotgun with with Armsco CEO & President, Matt Guzeldere. Armsco is a rare company in offering the 28-gauge on a true 28-gauge-sized frame, and we look forward to testing one of these nifty little guns.

Armsco Model 202B 12-gauge "cowboy gun" with double triggers.

Another SHOT Show has come & gone. See you in Vegas in 2004!

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