SHOT Show 2003

Day 2

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Jeff with Ruger's new .17 HMR Single-Six SA revolver.

Ruger's limited-run 50th Anniversary Single-Six. is proud to have been the first to review this fine little sixgun.

Greg with Ruger's "Bird's Head Sheriff's Model" Vaquero SA revolver in blue/case-colored finish.

Chris Barrett with Barrett Firearms' Model 82 .50 BMG semi-auto rifle.

Detail view of Taurus' new tang sight as seen on their upcoming Model 63 .22 rifle.

Taurus' "Raging Thirty" DA revolver in caliber .30 M1 Carbine.

Savage has committed themselves to making a wider variety of .17 HMR rifles than any other maker, as this rack of eight new .17 HMR models attests.

Our buddy Jason Cloessner of Lipsey's distributors with another Lipsey's exclusive: a stainless Ruger GP-100 in Ruger's new "Target Grey" finish. Watch out behind you, Jason!

Jeff and Jason check out yet another Lipsey's exclusive Ruger: a .22 Target Model with a 5-1/2" "slab-side" barrel which is factory drilled and tapped for scope mounts.

EMF Firearms "Trapdoor" Springfield Cavalry Carbine in .45-70 Government, made by Pedersoli.

A selection of Ballisticast bullet molds, including their new 4-to-6 cavity gang mold. Ballisticast also has a selection of molds designed for the new .500 S&W Magnum.

Robert Kline of Navy Arms with their newly-introduced Lightning rifle in .45 Colt.

Colt has not introduced a new line of SA revolvers, but their flagship Single-Action Army revolvers have been reduced in price from $1995 retail to $1380 retail. The retail prices of their Cowboy models are not affected.

U.S. Firearms Manufacturing exhibited an impressive display of their beautiful SA revolvers.

U.S. Firearms' "Rodeo Model" SA sixgun in .45 Colt. At $550 suggested retail, this sixgun looks to be a fine value. Look for a complete shooting review soon on!

Jim Bass of Big Daddy Bass Company with their Star Trails clip-on reflective trail markers.

Front Line Holsters' new leather-lined Kydex holster line.

Tru-Lok's new choke tubes for the Beretta Extrema shotgun and the Verona SX shotgun.

Verona's SX-405 12-ga semi-auto shotgun with 3" chamber and 26" barrel retails for only $331.20.

Savage's 10FPLE Tactical Rifle Package includes rifle, scope, bipod, and a nice anodized aluminum padded case. This .308 rifle is also available separately.

Savage's Cub single-shot .22 youth rifle will soon be available in .17 HMR.

XS Sight Systems has introduced a nifty tritium-insert protected front sight that clamps to shotgun barrels without modification to the gun.

Beretta has bought out Aldo Uberti in Italy and introduced their "Stampede" SA revolvers. Bob Harris explained that these impressive-looking guns are made in Italy at the Uberti plant and finished by Beretta in the U.S.

Beretta's Stampede SA revolvers are beautifully finished, as shown by these "charcoal blue" examples, and will be competitively priced.

Beretta's AL-391 Teknys 12-ga semi-auto shotgun.

Benelli introduces their new Argo rifle in .30-06.

Franchi's new Highlander 20-ga side-by-side double shotgun.

Benelli's M1014 Limited Edition 12-ga shotgun with "ghost ring" sights and collapsible buttstock.

Eagle Grips' extensive line of handgun grips includes these nice American elk SA revolver grips...

...and the Heritage checkered rosewood DA revolver grips.

Radian's Pro-Amp electronic hearing protectors, modeled by Scott Morris.

Cold Steel introduced their new Black Talon folding knife... well as their newly-designed value-engineered Ti-Lite knives (bottom) that sell for considerably less than the original Ti-Lite knives (top) which will still be available.

Sue Ellen Weyant with Ciener's new .22LR conversion unit for the Browning High Power pistol.

New products from Lyman include the Powder Pal Funnel Pan, the 1200 DPS Digital Powder System (digital powder scale), and the new 48th Edition Reloading Handbook..

Power Aisle, Inc.'s Ultimate Sighting Rest is a fully-adjustable sighting bench rest system, including hydraulic trigger release system and gas-operated recoil absorber.

Jeff and Wally Brownlee of Target Shooting, Inc. with their Rifle Rest and Adjustable Shooting Bench.

The Target Shooting, Inc. Adjustable Shooting Bench swivels 360 degrees. Look out Boge!

Mark Serbu and Evan Bender of Serbu Firarms with a selection of their .50 BMG rifles.

Denny demonstrates the LULA (Loader-UnLoader Accessory) speed loader/unloader for AR-15 rifles.

Mike Selvetti with Rase Industries' "Rase Stock". The Rase Stock is a buttstock for the AR-15 that holds a second magazine for amazingly-fast reloads.

Aaron Coats with Ruger's Model 77/17 .17 HMR bolt rifle in Target Grey with laminated stock.

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