SHOT Show 2003

Day 1

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Ruger's new .44 Magnum Bisley Hunter model with Ruger's excellent scope mounting system.

Greg with Ruger's No. 1 Tropical rifle in stainless steel with laminated stock in .405 Winchester.

Jeff with Ruger's Marrk II Magnum in the new and powerful .458 Lott.

After many production delays, Ruger will introduce their much-anticipated Gold Label side-by side double shotgun by mid-2003.

Bersa introduces the new Thunder 7-shot DA pistol in .45 ACP. This slick little gun will be available in March. Look for a test on soon!

Henry Repeating Arms introduced their new "Big Bore" line, available in .44 Magnum / .44 Special. Henry also rolled out a new .17 HMR lever gun.

Berry's Manufacturing big-bore ammo boxes are designed to hold big rimmed cartridges, such as the .45-90.

Angela Barrett of Barrett Firearms. Barrett's line of .50 BMG rifles are the standards by which all others are measured, and they're fine folks too!

David Moore of Spider Firearms with their Ferret .50 BMG rifle. Available in various grades and barrel lengths, the Ferret line is a good-looking and inexpensive .50. Look for a shooting evaluation soon!

Winslow Potter of Kimber's Custom Shop with a custom lightweight .45 ACP pistol.

Bernie Butler with the Straplock security system.

Kel-Tec's new P3AT pistol. Almost identical in size and weight to their sweet little .32 ACP pistol, this version raises the stopping power ante to .380 ACP.

The new Kel-Tec SU-16 collapsible .223 "Sport Utility" rifle. The hand guard swivels downward to double as a bipod.

Jude La Borde with Cajun Camo's new realistic pine-tree camouflage pattern.

The new Cor-Bon .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum.

Russell Johnson of Chipmunk Rifles with their new .17 HMR Chipmunk.

Alexander Arms' custom .50 Beowulf rifle with floating hand guard and muzzle brake.

Tracy Lauberman with Marble Outdoors' new Safety Axe.

Freedom Arms' excellent Model 97 SA revolver is now available in one of our favorite cartridges, the .44 Special.

Charter 2000's new 5-shot pocket .22 Magnum revolver.

Jamie Harvey with Cimarron Firearms' new stainless steel Model P.

David Sevigny with the new Glock Model 37 in the new .45 Glock cartridge. Shorter than the .45 ACP, the .45 Glock boasts impressive ballistics along with the ability to fit into smaller-sized guns.

Jody with Armalite's AR-50 .50 BMG rifle.

Remington introduces their popular Model 11-87 semi-auto shotgun in a Dale Earnhardt tribute.

Remington's Model Seven LSS in .300 Remington Ultra Mag with laminated thumbhole stock.


H&R's Buffalo Classic rifle in .45-70 Government, also available in .38-55.

Winchester introduces their new Model 94 lever gun in .480 Ruger. Also new to the Model 94 is a top tang safety, replacing the frame-mounted crossbolt safety.

Browning's BL-22 Cowboy .22 lever gun with octagonal barrel.

Among the many Lipsey's exclusives for 2003 is this Ruger .22 pistol in stainless steel with 4" bull barrel and rosewood grip panels.

Linda Moore with the Wildey .45 Winchester Magnum pistol.

Smith & Wesson's new offerings range from the Model 647 revolver in .17 HMR...

To the behemoth Model 500 in the hot new .500 S&W Magnum.

An especially nice new offering from Smith & Wesson is the new Model 329PD Scandium .44 Magnum. Weighing in at a scant 26.5 ounces, this should be one fine packin' pistol!

Smith & Wesson's new Model 500 in .500 S&W Magnum will be available mid-2003 in this handy shorter-barrelled version.

Bushmaster's new limited-edition (1500 to be produced) 25th Anniversary carbine with Bushmaster's new tubular stock. 

Kami Hall of Barnes Bullets. Barnes produces some of the finest premium bullets available at any price. 

Marianna with the Leitner-Wise LW-15 in .499 LWR.

Carol Rushelton with the Outback ESV (Electronic Sports Vehicle).

Gary Rose with Bluegrass Armory's .50 BMG single-shot rifle.

Rossi's new .50 caliber stainless muzzle loader.

Taurus' Model 63 .22 rifle with Taurus' new tang sight. Taurus says these guns should be in production soon.

Taurus' new Tracker M17 8-shot compact frame revolver in .17 HMR.

Michelle Fitzke & Lori Faruccini with Hornady's new Interbond bullet line.

Puma's stainless steel Model 92 in .454 from Legacy Sports International.

Paula Iwanski with Savage's Striker Series .17 HMR bolt-action repeater Model 503R17F.

SHOT Show 2003 - Day 1

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