Charter Arms “Chic Lady” 38 Special Lightweight Revolver


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

October 4th, 2010


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The Chic Lady comes with a pink alligator-textured aluminum carrying case.













Charter Arms has been cranking out a wide variety of finish options on their compact revolvers over the past couple of years. Their “Pink Lady” has proven to be very popular, hopefully with the female population more so than the male. We have reviewed several Charter revolvers here in the past, and I own a few of them myself. I have depended upon Charter revolvers for many years, whether carried in my boot many years ago for very serious work, or when just piddling around back in the woods, they have never let me down.

A few months ago, we introduced a limited production “Gunblaster” pair of Charter revolvers here, with unique finishes on the 38 and 44 caliber revolvers. The latest from Charter Arms is this new “Chic Lady”; a variation of their “Pink lady”, but with a higher grade of finish. The stainless steel parts on the “Chic Lady” are highly polished, offering a bit more style and class to the little five-shot revolver, and looks good with the pink frame finish. The handgun wears a set of compact synthetic black rubber grips, and is very easy to shoot. This lady weighs in at 14 ounces unloaded, has an exposed hammer that is easy to cock for single-action shooting, and has a barrel that is just slightly under two inches in length. The barrel/cylinder gap measures just four one-thousandths of an inch. The double-action pull is smooth, with a pull weight of just barely over ten pounds, and a crisp single-action pull weighing just a couple of ounces over four pounds.

The Charter “Chic Lady” is a dandy little compact revolver, and would ride well in a pocket or purse. There is not a lot that I can state here that I haven’t before about Charter revolvers, but this new finish would be a good choice for a lady who wants something a little different, with a little more flash than what is normally found lying on a gun store shelf. With Christmas right around the corner, the “Chic Lady” could make for a nice gift, that is also a very useful one, and just might be used to save the life of someone you love. The one shown here will hopefully always be within the reach of my wife, and with any luck, she will never need it.

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Charter Arms "Chic Lady" 38 Special revolver.



Transfer bar safety.