New “Liberty” 38 Special Undercover Lite Revolver from Charter Arms


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

July 2nd, 2010




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Charter Arms has been building handy, compact revolvers for decades now, and is continuing to offer new variations on their basic, five-shot small frame Undercover revolver. Very popular these days is the Undercover Lite series from Charter. The Lite series revolvers use a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, offering a revolver better suited for concealed carry than Charter’s all-stainless revolvers. Charter offers many variations of the finish color on these frames. One of their most popular is the Pink Lady, but there are many other colors available as well.

This latest revolver is here just in time to celebrate two major events. The first is that in a couple of days, we in the United States celebrate our Independence Day, commemorating our liberty that was won with the blood of our citizens and the blessings of God more than 230 years ago.

The second, and much more recent event was the decision by the US Supreme Court just a couple of days ago, affirming our God-given right that the Second Amendment to our Constitution guarantees the right to keep and bear arms applies to every citizen of the United States, just as do the other rights listed in our Bill of Rights. This is known by the citizens of the US, but many in our country have for too long had that right violated by arrogant, self-serving politicians in many sections of our nation.

To celebrate these events, Charter Arms is offering the Liberty model revolver, finished with a mottled red and blue on a silver background. The process of applying this finish assures that no two revolvers will be alike, with the pattern being a random application of the finish colors to the revolver frame.

Shooting the Liberty was uneventful; that is, there were no malfunctions of any kind, as expected. The Liberty weighs in at 13.6 ounces on my scale, making it pretty light, but the size and shape of the synthetic rubber grip makes it very easy to control and comfortable to shoot. The double action pull is smooth, measuring eight and three-quarters pounds on my Lyman digital scale. The single action pull releases crisply at just barely over four pounds pressure, with just a slight amount of travel before releasing. The barrel/cylinder gap on the sample revolver measures six one-thousandths (.006) of an inch, but there was no spitting of powder residue out the gap back at the shooter at all. The Liberty Charter was a very enjoyable revolver to shoot, and using 158 grain 38 Special ammunition, the sights were right on target for me. The Liberty can use any and all 38 Special loads, including Plus P rated ammunition.

I packed the little Liberty Charter around in a beautiful Richard Gittlein carved holster that I got from Simply Rugged Leather. Richard does an excellent job, and is a true craftsman, making each holster by hand in Alaska. It carries the revolver comfortably on the hip.

I have covered the Charter 38 revolvers here before, so there is no need to re-plow that same ground with details, but this Liberty Charter Undercover Lite, like all Charter Arms revolvers that I have fired, is a reliable, affordable weapon, and would serve well for self defense. The red and blue colors may not appeal to everyone, but at this time of year, as we celebrate our independence, liberty, and way of life in the United States, the Liberty is certainly appropriate, and would be easy to pick out in a pile of ordinary weapons. As are all Charter Arms revolvers, the Liberty is made in the USA.

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"Liberty" 38 comes with a hard plastic carrying case.





Richard Gittlein holster.


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Charter Arms' new "Liberty" 38 Special revolver.









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