Charter Arms Limited Edition Revolvers: EXCLUSIVE


by Greg Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

May 12 , 2010

UPDATED October 20, 2010







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Charter Arms has been a quality manufacturer of carry revolvers for many years, and we have reviewed Charter revolvers many times over the years here on  This article is not intended to go into the virtues of the excellent Charter revolvers as a whole, but instead to focus on a new, limited edition product introduction as a joint relationship between and Charter Arms.


The Limited Edition models, called the “Gunblaster” series, is an exclusive, limited production run of guns as a collaborative effort of and Charter Arms.  In celebration of our 10th anniversary, and in homage to our recognition as the largest online gun test publication, Charter Arms is producing a limited number of “Gunblaster” series revolvers. These revolvers feature the excellent performance and value of Charter Arms, but with new features exclusive to these guns.  Hence the “Gunblaster” series of Charter Arms revolvers.


Two of Charter’s more popular revolvers are chambered in 38 Special (the Off Duty) and in 44 Special (the Bulldog).  Both have similar features.  The “Gunblaster” series share these features, plus a few features exclusive to these guns.  The finishes are custom designed by Terry Rush of Charter Arms.  The “Gunblaster 38” has a mottled black and gray finish on the receiver, a black finish on the barrel and cylinder, and "Gunblaster 38 Special" roll marked on the barrel.  The “Gunblaster 44 Special” has a black and gray "tigerstripe" finish on the frame and barrel, a matte black finish on the cylinder, and a "Gunblaster 44 Special" roll mark.  The 38 weighs in at 13.8 ounces and the 44 at 19.5 ounces.


Greg Quinn




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Charter Arms' "Gunblaster" revolvers are available in 44 Special (top) and 38 Special (bottom).



Gunblaster 38 Special.



Gunblaster 44 Special.