Auto-Resetting Self-Healing Target from

by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

February 14th, 2012





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Power switch.



Front is armor-plated to protect against 22 Rimfire bullets.



About a month ago, I was shooting at the Media Day event just before SHOT Show in Las Vegas. At one range, we were shooting a resetting target that was shaped like a prairie dog. If I remember correctly, it was out at about a hundred yards or so, so I really could not tell much about it, except that every time I hit the target, it would pop back up for more.

Turns out this is a target system from The unit is self-contained in a large round can with a removable top. The actual target is yellow, made from some sort of urethane material best I can tell, and is the self-healing type of target. I have shot this type of material before, and it lasts a long time, but have never before used this auto-resetting system. The target is easily replaced, when it does eventually wear out.

The front of the container is armor plated with a layer of steel to protect against 22 rimfire bullets, but if heavier artillery is used on the target, the front should be protected with sandbags or another material, or the whole container can be buried for protection.

There are four different modes for the target. It can stay in view until shot, and then reset itself, or it can be programmed to stay exposed for a random amount of time, and then to reset itself, and variations of these modes. The varmint Target is motorized, and has a built-in battery. It also comes with both 110 volt AC and 12 volt DC battery chargers. The unit is totally self-contained and ready to go to the range when it arrives. Watch the video to see the target in action.

The Varmint Target is a very useful, and fun way to practice shooting, without having to constantly walk downrange to reset targets.

For more details, and to order the varmint Target online, go to

Jeff Quinn

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Varmint target comes with 110V and 12V chargers.