SHOT Show 2006 - Day 1

by Boge Quinn

SHOT Show 2006 - Day 1

SHOT Show 2006 - Day 2

SHOT Show 2006 - Day 3

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Winchester Model 1895 "takedown" rifle in .405 Winchester.

Winchester Model 1885 "High Wall" rifle in .45/90.

Ruger's 50th Anniversary .44 Magnum Blackhawk "Flattop".

The 50th Anniversary.44 "Flattop" will be produced only in 2006.

The one-millionth Ruger Model 77 bolt-action rifle.

New from Ruger is the 10/22 Compact Rimfire Rifle.

EMF's new Model 1873 "Trapper" carbine.

EMF's "Lightning" pump-action rifle in .45 Colt.

Chaparral's great new Model 1876 rifle.


Savage's new "Milano" over/under shotguns.

Smith & Wesson Performance Center .460 XVR with 12" fluted barrel is a catalog item, not including bipod.

S&W Performance Center's 8-shot "Jerry Miculek" .357 Magnum.

S&W's new M&P pistol is available in 9mm, .40 S&W and .357 Sig.

S&W's 1911 "Gunsite" Scandium .45.

S&W's new M&P AR-15 rifles.

Serbu's new 10-shot semi-auto takedown rifle in .50 BMG.

Marlin's new XLR rifles are available in .30-30, .45/70, .450 Marlin or .444 Marlin.

Browning's BL-22 is now available in stainless steel.

EAA's Serbian-made "Black Arrow" .50 BMG rifle.

Dimitrios Mantas of DPM Systems with their "Magno-Mechanical" recoil reducer for Glock, Sig & CZ pistols.

Freedom Arms' Model 83 .500 Wyoming Express with short barrel and round-butt grip frame.

Sig's 550 Carbine in 5.56mm NATO.

Sig's new "Mosquito" .22.

Sig's Blaser S2 Safari Luxus .500/.416 double express rifle - MSRP $10,500.

Guy Savage of Sabre Defence Industries with their "Massad Ayoob Signature Series" AR-15.

Sabre Defence Industries' dry suppressor fits any A2-style muzzle brake, reducing sound to 32-34 db.

Sphinx 3000 pistol.

Steyr's AUG is back in production in Mississippi.

Advantage Arms' .22 conversion unit for the Glock.

Sabre Defence Industries' M2 .50 BMG.

Charles Daly takedown Model 92 / SAA .45 Colt NRA Commemorative set.

Taurus's 44TEN .45 Colt / .410 shot shell revolver.

Taurus' 24/7 Pro 18-shot compact 9mm.

Eagle Grips has a very limited supply of genuine Sambar Stag grips in stock. If you've been looking for some real stag, you'd better act quickly!

Crimson Trace's laser grip for he SIG pistol.

Crimson Trace's new laser grip for compact Glocks.

Kahr PM40 pistol.

Trulock choke set for the Beretta 28-gauge.

Trulock also has chokes available for the new L.C. Smith shotguns.

CZ's Tammy Heier with their Model 453 single-set-trigger rifle.

CZ has also re-introduced the Dan Wesson line of revolvers. Tammy Heier holds a stainless .445 SuperMag.

Cor-Bon's new line of rifle ammo, featuring Barnes bullets.

Dakota Model 10.

Henry's engraved "Big Boy" rifle.

More Henry rifles.

Kel-Tec's new single-stack compact 9mm.

Kel-Tec's new .223 pistol.

Cimarron's soon-to-come 1876 rifle.

Cimarron's line of cartridge conversion revolvers.

Barnes' new Spit-Fire TMZ muzzleloader bullets.

Also new from Barnes are their tungsten-core, polymer-tipped MRX bullets.

Cassandra Hernandez with Rossi's lightweight single-shot rifle.

New from Rossi is their .22/250 heavy-barreled varmint gun.

Charter Arms' new aluminum "Off Duty" concealed-hammer .38 Special weighs in at only 12.5 ounces.

SHOT Show 2006 - Day 1

SHOT Show 2006 - Day 2

SHOT Show 2006 - Day 3