SHOT Show 2013 - Day 1

SHOT Show 2013 "Media Day at the Range"

SHOT Show 2013 Day 1

SHOT Show 2013 Day 2

SHOT Show 2013 Day 3


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Tactical Solutions X-Ring 22 rifle.

Tactical Solutions' new 22 conversion for the Glock 23 pistol.

Tactical Solutions' new 10/22 trigger group.

Heritage sixguns.

Lipsey's exclusive Ruger Bearcat "Shopkeeper" 22.

Smith & Wesson Performance Center 1911 45 pistol.

TALO exclusive Ruger lavender-frame LC9 9mm pistol. 

TALO exclusive Ruger lavender-frame LCP 380 pistol.

Jeff and Lipseys' Lauren Mongrue with TALO exclusive Ruger lavender-frame SR-22 pistol.

Lipsey's exclusive Glock pistols with Flat Dark Earth frames. 

Kimber Custom 1911 pistols.

Savage's new B-Mag 17 Winchester Super Magnum rifle.

Angela Barrett with Barrett Model 82A1 50 BMG rifle.

ArmaLite rifles.

ArmaLite AR-50A1 50 BMG rifle.

LWRC International Eclipse rifle.

Donna (left) with LWRC International SBR and Kelly (right) with LWRC International Eclipse rifle.

HK MR762A1 Camo rifle.

Maria with HK's G28 Patrol Rifle.

Deanna Williams with Cadex, Inc. stocks.

Bushmaster rifles.

SAR Arms pistols.

Ashley with Taylor's & Co. T-Model shotgun, sporting a new lower MSRP for 2013.

Melissa and Jeff with ATI's Cavalry shotgun, available in .410 bore, 28 gauge & 20 gauge.

Kel-Tec's new frame colors for the PMR-30 22 Magnum pistol.

Kel-Tec's new threaded-barrel PMR-30. Barrels are available separately for a low price.

Nicole Epps with Kel-Tec PMR-30 22 Magnum pistol in sand color.

New from Freedom Arms is the Model 2008 single-shot pistol in 45/70.

Freedom Arms' Bob Baker with their octagon-barrel Model 97 41 Magnum revolver.

Diana Stuntz with Cimarron's new Model 8671 rifle in 45/70.

Cimarron's new Model 8671 "Boar Buster" 45/70 with 19-inch barrel and optics rail.

Cimarron's new "Wild Bunch" high-polish blue 1911 pistol (shown with their Tanker holster) is also available in high-polish nickel finish.

Jeff and DPM Systems Technologies' Eleni Chroni with an array of DPM products.

Jodi DePorter and Jeff with Kahr's new CW380 pistol.

Kahr's new CW380 pistol.

New from Magnum Research is their 44 Magnum Desert Eagle pistol with 10" tapered barrel.

TriStar pistols.

Remington Value Packs.

Para USA's new Executive Agent pistol.

Para USA's new Elite LS Hunter 10mm pistol.

Winchester Model 73 & Model 86 leverguns.

Legacy Sports International's Citadel 22-caliber M1 carbines.

Jamie Martin with Legacy Sports International Escort shotgun.

Core15 308 rifles.

SHOT Show 2013 "Media Day at the Range"

SHOT Show 2013 Day 1

SHOT Show 2013 Day 2

SHOT Show 2013 Day 3