SHOT Show 2008 - Day 2

by Boge Quinn

SHOT Show 2008 - "Media Day"

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SHOT Show 2008 - Day 2

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Winchester's Teddy Roosevelt 150th-Anniversary Commemorative Model 1895 lever-action rifles in .405 Winchester.

Jeff and a friend check out Winchester's Teddy Roosevelt High-Grade Commemorative.

Colt Sheriff's Model SAA.

Colt New agent SA pistol.

Ruger's excellent SR-9 pistol is now available with O.D. green frame.

Greg with Ruger's NRA commemorative Mini-14.

Detail of NRA emblem in the Mini-14's grip cap.

Freedom Arms Model 1997 .22 with Trijicon sight.

Legacy Sports International's Puma Model 1892 carbine is now available with a very handy 16 barrel.

Leupold's new Mark II 1.5-4x variable scope.

TriStar 4" barrel extension and choke tubes share the same threads, so shotguns equipped with the extension are just that much more versatile.

Primary Weapons Systems offers a gas-piston conversion on a customer's AR-15 for a very reasonable $399, including shipping.

Jodi DePorter with Thompson's new pistol. 

Bushmaster M4 with "snakeskin" finish.

U.S. Firearms' new Forehand & Wadsworth .44 WCF revolver.

Charles Daly's new 1866 carbine & 1876 rifle.


Beretta's Tikka T3 tactical rifle.

Beretta Cx4 Storm.

Beretta Stampede Old West revolver.

Beretta 1873 Renegade rifle.

Uberti No. 3 2nd Model Top Break revolver.

Benelli Legacy Sport 12-gauge shotgun.

Rossi's Cassandra Hernandez with their new nickel-plated single-shot rifle.

Kristin Hunt with Taurus' PT709 compact 9mm pistol.

Taurus' Tracker revolver is available in the resurgent 5mm Remington Magnum. Ammunition is available from Aguila.

LaserLite's laser / accessory rail unit for the Glock pistol.

Nikon's new EDG premium binocular.

Sure-Trak boot straps.

Steyr Mannlicher Luxus rifle.

Steyr's Mannlicher Luxus is available with a variety of receiver panels.

Steyr's HS-50 .50 BMG rifle.

Nicholas Young with Desert Tactical Arms' Recon rifle.

E-Z Pull trigger assist system.

Peca Products' Optical Cleaning Kit.

DPM Systems Technologies recoil reducing spring kits are available for more pistols than ever before.

FAB Defense's pistol grip / bipod.

FN's FiveSeveN pistol in Flat Dark Earth color.

FN's SCAR-L rifle.

FN's TPS shotgun with collapsible buttstock.

Leupold's Prism scope.

Another look at Ruger's new LCP .380 ACP pistol.

Ruger Mini-14 fully tricked-out for law enforcement. Those cops get all the fun stuff!

Amanda Malkowski with Stag Arms left-handed M4.

Stag Arms Model 6L Super Varminter rifle.

Troy Industries' conversion system for the M1A.

Barrett's new piston-driven AR rifle.

PRI's AR-15 upper.

GemTech 10/22 conversions.

GemTech's new suppressor for he .338 Lapua Magnum.

U.S. Optics tactical scope.

Angela with Serbu's .50 BMG rifle, which is finally in full production.

C-More's tactical 12-gauge semi-auto shotgun, mounted underneath an AR.

Do-All's new swinging target stands are rated for 9mm Parabellum to .30-06.

Remington's Model 700 VTR (Varmint Tactical Rifle) in .308.

Eagle Grips has a limited supply of genuine Sambar stag... get yours while you can!

Eagle Grips American Elk 1911 grip panels.

Boge with Mossberg's new Model 464 .30-30 levergun.

Detail of the new Mossberg Model 464's action.

Classic Old West Styles' Bandolero shoulder rig.

CZ's Ringneck Custom 20-gauge shotgun.

CZ Custom Shop pistol.

CZ's VZ58 Sporter in 7.62x39.

CZ's 2075 RAMI is available in 9mm and .40 S&W.

SHOT Show 2008 - "Media Day"

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SHOT Show 2008 - Day 2

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