SHOT Show 2008 - Day 3

by Boge Quinn

SHOT Show 2008 - "Media Day"

SHOT Show 2008 - Day 1

SHOT Show 2008 - Day 2

SHOT Show 2008 - Day 3

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Jeff with Winchester's Model 101 over/under shotgun.

Sabre Defence Industries' XR15A3 Competition Extreme rifle.

Iver Johnson's Browning-type .22 pocket pistol features slide made under FN contract with frames made in the U.S.A. Quantities are extremely limited!

NEF's Partner pump shotgun with fully-dipped camo finish.

Lori Kestel with ArmaLite's 6.8 SPC.

Lipsey's exclusive Cricket rifle/scope package.

MSAR bullpup rifle with rail.

Remington 11/87 Sportsman fully-rifled slug shotgun with synthetic ambidextrous thumbhole stock & cantilevered scope rail.

TriStar's Ryan Bader shows off their "carbon-fiber" dipped finish.

Tactical Solutions is now offering .22 LR conversions for AR-15s.

Tactical Solutions .22-caliber 1911 conversions.

Thompson's new "Paratrooper" M1 carbine.

Kel-Tec's  new PLR-22 pistol is expected to ship mid-2008.

Cor-Bon's line of Thunder Ranch DPX loads, initially available in 9mm, 40 S&W and .45 ACP.

U.S. Firearms' Trooper in .45 Colt.

New offerings from Savage.

Uberti's No. 3 New Model Russian.

Taurus 24/7 compact 9mm with Titanium slide.

Taurus PT845 .45 ACP pistol.

Steyr AUG.

GemTech's suppressor system.

C-More's semi-automatic tactical shotgun.

Eagle Grips' checkered rosewood Gunfighter grips for the Ruger Bisley...

...and for the standard Ruger SA grip frame.

CZ's 750 Sniper Rifle in .308 Winchester.

Cimarron's "Big Loop" Model 1892.

EMF's Lightning rifles, made by Pedersoli

Detail of EMF Lightning rifle.

Colt's newly-reintroduced Delta Elite 10mm pistol.

ArmaLite AR-10 SuperSASS.

U.S. Firearms nickel-plated Bisley sixgun.

Barnes Bullets' new reloading manual will be available in April.

Jeff with Jessica Brooks of Barnes Bullets and their new Tipped TSX bullets.

Ruger is again making 20-round magazines for their Min-14 available for everyone.

Rick Homme with Legacy Sports International's Webley & Scott double shotgun.

Howa camo rifle.

Taurus' .327 Federal Magnum revolver is available exclusively from Ellett Brothers.

Badger Ordnance's new bolt action.

Badger Ordnance's new action features an integral rail, robust construction, and a three-lug bolt with sixty-degree lift.

Some beautiful 1911 grips from Grips by Esmeralda.

That's it for SHOT 2008! See you next year in Orlando.

SHOT Show 2008 - "Media Day"

SHOT Show 2008 - Day 1

SHOT Show 2008 - Day 2

SHOT Show 2008 - Day 3