SHOT Show 2005 - Day 2

by Boge Quinn

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Savage's Paula Iwanski with their bolt-action turkey shotgun.

USFA's Gary Germaine with their new 1911 .45 ACP pistol and single-action revolver.

Paul Thompson of Browning and Jeff with a Browning A-Bolt Mountain Lite.

Jeff and Lipsey's Jason Cloessner with a pair of High Standard AR-15s, another Lipsey's exclusive.

High Standard's 1911 .45 ACP, a Lipsey's exclusive.

Doc O'Meara shoots the Winchester Model 70 Coyote in .204 Ruger.

Jeff and Priscilla Perez with Taurus' new .44 WCF / .410 revolver.

Leupold's Pat Mundy with their newest 2x pistol scope.

Dustin Emholtz with DPMS' "Rail Gun", which has over 100 accessory attachment points.

Smith & Wesson's new .460XVR revolver, which fires .45 Colt, .454 Casull, or .460 S&W Magnum cartridges.

Springfield Armory's Bill Dermody with their M1A SOCOM rifle.

All of Springfield Armory's compact pistols now include a compact magazine plus an extended-capacity second magazine.

Boge with Marlin's 1894CL lever-action .32 WCF.

Jeff with Winchester's new 1894 Legacy rifle in .38-55.

Boge with Ruger's new Frontier Rifle.

BetaC-Mag's 100-round AR-15/M-16 magazines.

Ran Ran Tal of LULA. LULA now has mag-loaders available for .45 ACP, 9mm high-capacity pistols, and the Uzi.

Asher Gendelman with Remington Technologies Division "Eye Ball" R1 compact 360-degree camera system.

Our friend Armand Auger with the newest thing in Cowboy Action Shooting: Sabre Defence Industries' M2 .50 caliber Browning machine gun.

Grant Morgan with Sabre Defence Industries' Heavy Tactical Rifle.

Buffalo Bore's new .500 J.R.H. loads feature Cast Performance bullets. Developed by Jack Huntington, the .500 J.R.H. is available with a 440-grain bullet at 950 fps or a 425-grain bullet at 1350 fps.

Keri McDonald with Taylor's & Co.'s Model 92 takedown rifle.

Taylor's & Co.'s Tammy M. Loy with their Spencer carbine with antique finish

 Larry Black of Hartford Armory with their Remington 1875 sixgun, distributed exclusively by Taylor's & Co.

Bushmaster's Jon Clark with their .22 rimfire AR-15, weighing in at 4.4 pounds.

Jon Clark with Bushmaster's Carbon AR-15.

Mossberg's new Model 100 ATR rifles.

CZ's Angus Hebdell with their SP01 variation of the CZ-75 pistol.

Jeff and CZ's Tammy Heier with their Model 452 rifle, available in a left-handed version.

Bersa's new Thunder380 Concealed Carry.

Bree Hart and Nick Grindstaff with ArmaLite's AR-180B "Flattop".

John Hill of Crimson Trace Laser Grips with their new user-installable laser grip for Glock pistols.

Cimarron's Jamie Harvey with their Model 1892 takedown rifle.

Jeff and Jamie Harvey with Cimarron's Spencer carbine, available in the original .58-50 chambering.

Boge and Jacquie Bair with Tactical Solutions' new barrels for the Browning Buck Mark.

Trulock's new Cryo-Tube screw-in chokes for Benelli shotguns.

Eagle Grips' American Elk grip panels.

Jeff and Joanne Tan with Barska's 8-32x Tactical rifle scope.

XS Sight Systems' new Cowboy Action sights.

Carson's new XM-150 10x50 binoculars.

Wally Brownlee and Jeff with Target Shooting, Inc.'s pistol rest attachment for the Model 500 & Model 1000 rifle rest.

Cast Performance's new 113-grain .32 gas-check bullets.

Cast Performance is the exclusive distributor of Hornady's .475 Maximum and .500 Maximum brass.


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