SHOT Show 2005 - Day 1

by Boge Quinn

SHOT Show 2005 - Day 2

SHOT Show 2005 - Day 3


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Ruger's 50th Anniversary .357 Blackhawk "Flattop" will be produced only in 2005.

Ruger New Vaquero with engraving by Ruger's Studio of Art and Decoration.

Ruger introduces a new line of knives, custom made by Case Cutlery especially for Ruger.

Amanda Jennings of Case Cutlery with a Ruger Number 1A in .204 Ruger.

Greg with Franchi's Veloce in 28 gauge.

Paula Iwanski of Savage with their Model 114 American Classic.

Savage's new detachable box magazine.

Jeff with Gary Germaine of U.S. Firearms and their Lightning pump-action rifle in .44-40.

Greg with Browning's new shorter-barreled Cynergy shotgun.

Browning's Paul Thompson with their BL-22 octagon-barrel rifle.

Jeff and John Taffin with Taurus' new cowboy single-action revolver.

Aaron Keating with Lipsey's distributors shows the Ruger stainless Number One rifle in .257 Roberts. This Lipsey's exclusive is limited to 250 guns.

Lipsey's Jason Cloessner and Boge check out the Lipsey's exclusive Ruger Bisley Hunter .45 Colt revolver.

Jason Cloessner and Laurie Aronson with a Rossi 7.62x39 rifle, also a Lipsey's exclusive.

Priscilla Perez of Taurus shows their Cowboy single-action revolver in .45 Colt.

Taurus' new "Thunderbolt" .45 Colt pump-action rifle.

Priscilla Perez with Taurus' PT24/7 .40 S&W with new longer barrel.

Pat Mundy of Leupold with their VX-II 4-12 variable rifle scope.

Greg with Beretta's Model 686 "Silver Pigeon" 28-gauge shotgun.

Dustin Emholtz of DPMS with their Panther .308 rifle.

DPMS' new six-rail handguard.

Boge with Smith & Wesson's Model 325PD Titanium .45 ACP revolver.

Bill Dermody of Springfield Armory with their D-Day commemorative M1 Garand rifle, which was limited to 1,944 guns. Springfield Armory has sold all the guns, but they are still available from distributors.

 The stock of the Springfield Armory D-Day rifle features a laser-etched scene of troops storming the beach at Normandy.

The left side of the Springfield Armory D-Day rifle features the immortal words of General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The magazine well of Springfield Armory's 1911 "Defender" .45 GAP pistol (left) as compared to a standard 1911 (right).

Bill Dermody of Springfield Armory points out the features of their 1911 Defender pistol to Jeff.

Puma's line of lever-action rifles.

Freedom Arms' honcho Bob Baker with their Model 83 "round-butt" single-action revolver.

Navy Arms' Valerie Snyder with their Sharps "entry level" rifle in .45-70, which retails for around $600.

Barnes Bullets introduced their "Banded Solid" bullets.

Peter Scherer with Scherer's new high-capacity magazines for Glocks. The .40 S&W mags have a capacity of 29 shots, the 9mms have a 33-round capacity, and the .45 ACP mags have a 25-round capacity.

Colt Custom Shop 1911 .45 ACP pistol with nickel finish and mother-of-pearl grip panels.

Marlin is bringing back the L.C. Smith name on a line of imported shotguns.

Olga Levchenko and Boge check out EAA's "Thor" single-shot pistol.

Jeff with the Winchester Model 70 Custom Extreme Weather rifle in .300 Winchester Magnum.

Winchester Model 9422 Tribute rifle.

Winchester's Model 9422 Tribute Rifle is available in four different grades.

Winchester's Model 9422 High Grade Tribute rifle.

The Winchester 9422 High Grade Tribute rifle is limited to 222 guns.

Linda Powell with Remington's Model 700 XCR rifle.

Hornady's new high performance ammunition.

Kevin Antonovich with Kimber's Pro Raptor II .45 ACP pistol.

Ruger's New Vaquero 7-1/2" .45 Colt sixgun.

Boge with Ruger's new Super Redhawk Alaskan in .480 Ruger.


SHOT Show 2005 - Day 2

SHOT Show 2005 - Day 3