Laserlyte Laser Trainer for Handgun Practice, Anytime, Anywhere


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

April 13th, 2009




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Most Gunblast readers love to shoot, but like everything else, shooting costs money. Also, it can be time consuming to pack up all the gear to go to a shooting range. The result is, most of us do not shoot as often as we would like to. Dry-fire practice at home can be useful, but now, there is an even better way. I recently received this new laser training device from LaserLyte. It is very much like my trusted LaserLyte Bore Sighter that I use almost everyday. However, this laser trainer does not have a laser that burns all the time. The laser is activated by the hammer dropping or the striker movement of a handgun. Pull the trigger, and a momentary laser beam is fired at the target, whether that target be a standard shooting paper target, or a doorknob across the room. Almost anything can now serve as a target, because you are not firing real ammo, but only a laser. This is a pretty cool little device, and with today’s ammo costs, can save a lot of money very quickly.

Of course, the Laserlyte Laser Trainer does not simulate recoil, so actual firing of your weapon is still necessary to attain proficiency, but the Laserlyte unit gives instant feedback of your point shooting or aiming abilities. It also shows how steady you hold when the hammer drops, and is an excellent training device to teach trigger control. I have been playing with this Laser Trainer for several days now, and really like it for indoor practice. To teach a new shooter, starting with the Laser Trainer is a great resource, and can show even a seasoned shooter how to better control that trigger. As of this writing, the suggested retail price is only $79.95, so it will pay for itself very quickly in saved ammo costs, and allow you to become more proficient with your weapon without the time and expense of going to a range everyday.

The Laserlyte Laser Trainer comes with batteries, daylight target, bore adaptors, and a plastic carry pouch. For more information and to order online, go to

Jeff Quinn

Laser Trainer (top) inserted into a .22 caliber Beretta Neos (center), and a .45 caliber Colt Lightweight Commander (bottom).

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LaserLyte Laser Trainer.



Laser Trainer comes with reflective target for daytime use, and adapters to fit bore sizes from .22 to .50 caliber.



Unit also comes with a handy plastic pouch.