Laserlyte Kryptonyte Green Laser Boresighting Kit


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

April 4th, 2008




I shoot a lot of different rifles. On most of these, I need to test for accuracy using a good quality scope sight. A scope helps me to more precisely place my shots, as it does for most shooters. Just about every modern rifle sold today has provisions to easily mount a scope sight. After mounting a scope, it has to be sighted in. On a bolt action rifle, I always pull the bolt and look through the bore with the rifle properly held in a rifle rest, and adjust the scope reticle to where the bore is pointed, getting a rough idea as to where the bullets will impact the target. This saves a lot of ammunition and time in getting the scope adjusted, and usually gets me "on paper" at twenty-five yards. Even on AR type rifles, I remove the lower receiver, pull the bolt carrier, and peep through the bore to get the scope at least close to alignment with the barrel. With some types of rifles, it is either impossible or impractical to look through the bore to properly boresight the scope.  There have been collimators and other such boresighting devices on the market for years, but most are awkward to use and not very reliable; still, they will get you on paper at twenty-five yards.  With most centerfire rifle cartridges costing at least a buck with every pull of the trigger, saving ammunition is a very practical thing to do.

Recently, I tried the Laserlyte unit shown here. It is very quick and easy to use, and looking through the scope, a shooter simply dials the reticle to match the green dot on the target.  The Laserlyte Kryptonyte Bore Sighter Deluxe Kit comes complete with bore adapters to fit any bore size from .22 to .50 caliber rifles, and also shotgun bores from twenty to twelve gauge. It works with centerfire rifles, handguns, muzzleloaders, and shotguns.  Also included is a bubble level to properly level the reticle. The unit runs off of one CR2 battery, and has a rotating switch to activate the laser.

The Laserlyte unit saves time and ammunition. I have my own shooting range, but those who must use public ranges will particularly save a lot of downtime sighting in a new rifle, as the Laserlyte makes trips to the target while boresighting unnecessary. The unit slides into the bore, the shooter looks through the scope, and adjusts the crosshair without ever taking a step downrange. At twenty-five yards, this will get the shots pretty darn close right off the bat. I had put off trying a boresighter, but will now use this Laserlyte kit every time. It is an exceedingly useful tool, very versatile, simple to use, and made in the USA. It is something that will pay for itself in ammo costs over time, and will also reduce frustration and save time while sighting in a rifle. I highly recommend it.

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Jeff Quinn

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 Laserlyte Kryptonyte Green Laser Boresighting Kit.





Laser is operated by a rotary switch.





 Bubble level is included to properly align reticle.



 Plastic arbors attach to shaft to snugly fit the gun's bore.



Laser on target.