Lipsey's Exclusive Heckler & Koch HK45 Tactical with FDE Cerakote Slide

by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

March 26th, 2014


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Barrel is threaded for a suppressor or other muzzle device.





Ambidextrous magazine release.



Picatinny rail.





Ambidextrous slide lock levers.





Safety / hammer-drop lever.



Excellent set of tritium night sights.





Heckler & Koch pioneered the modern service pistol as we know it today. The VP-70z was the first successful striker-fired, polymer-framed, semi-automatic pistol. It was introduced into the US over forty years ago, preceding the Glock by a decade. The VP-70z had most of the features that shooters desire today; double-column magazine to hold a fistful of cartridges, a smooth double-action trigger pull, and a lightweight frame. H&K started a trend which continues today, as most of the successful handgun makers worldwide offer polymer-framed semi-automatic pistols.

H&K has produced many quality pistol designs since the VP-70z, and their latest full-sized fighting pistol design is featured here; the HK45 Tactical. The HK45T is a large pistol by today's standards, but is relatively light weight, compared to other full-sized 45 caliber sidearms. Weighing in at 31.7 ounces on my scale, properly holstered, the HK is easily carried. The HK45T is a very well-built pistol, with smooth edges and showing no machine tool marks. Most of the controls on this pistol are ambidextrous, with the exception of the manual safety/hammer drop lever. The design of the pistol allows for carrying with the hammer down, for a double-action first shot, or carrying cocked-and-locked for a single-action first shot. Subsequent shots are fired in the single-action mode. After the immediate problem is solved, before holstering the weapon, the safety lever can by pushed upward to carry the pistol cocked-and-locked, or downward to drop the hammer and place the trigger in the double-action mode. The slide lock and magazine release levers are ambidextrous.

The HK45 Tactical shown here has an extended, threaded muzzle, for the attachment of a suppressor or other muzzle device, but this pistol is also available without the extended, threaded barrel, if desired. The HK45T has a Picatinny-spec rail ahead of the trigger guard, for the attachment of a light or laser. The sights are black, wear the familiar three-dot pattern, and have tritium inserts for use in low-light conditions. The sights are also, thankfully, made of steel. The ten-round steel magazines hold the cartridges high for reliable feeding into the ramped, polished chamber. The magazines wear a polymer base pad for reliable insertion into the pistol's mag well.

This particular version of the HK45T has a flat dark earth (FDE) Cerakote finish on the slide which matches very well with the color of the frame. This pistol is a distributor exclusive, available only from Lipsey's, a large firearms wholesaler in Louisiana. Lipsey's has for many years brought us unique variations of firearms from many manufacturers, and this particular H&K should prove to be very popular with those who want a full-sized, world class fighting pistol, as the FDE Cerakote finish really sets it apart from the many plain black pistols on the market.

Critical specifications for the HK45T pistol are listed in the chart below. The weights are listed in ounces, and linear measurements in inches. The grip and frame widths were measured at their widest points. The maximum width is measured across the frame, and includes the thumb safety. The height includes the sights and magazine base. The trigger pull is listed as pounds of resistance. The weight includes the empty ten-round magazine.  SA is single-action. DA is double-action.

Weight 31.7 ounces
Height 5.9 inches
Length 8.51 inches
Slide Width 1.14 inches
Maximum Grip Width 1.29 inches
Frame Width 1.05 inches
Maximum Width 1.4 inches
Trigger Pull SA 3.5 pounds
Trigger Pull DA 6.9 pounds
Trigger Reach DA 2.95 inches
Trigger Reach SA 2.73 inches
Barrel Length 5.14 inches
Barrel Diameter 0.622 inch
Magazine Capacity 10 rounds
Magazines Supplied 2
MSRP (as of March 2014) $1450 US

I tested for velocity with my chronograph set at ten feet from the muzzle, and with an air temperature of forty-one degrees Fahrenheit and a relative humidity of sixty-seven percent. Velocity readings were taken at an elevation of approximately 541 feet above sea level.  Velocities are listed in the chart below. FMJ is a full metal jacket bullet. JHP is a jacketed hollowpoint. DPX is an homogenous copper hollowpoint bullet. Glaser is a specialty pre-fragmented core inside a copper alloy jacket. PB is Pow’RBall. LWSC is a cast lead semi-wadcutter bullet. UHD is Remington Ultimate Home Defense hollowpoint ammunition. NPA is National Police Ammunition frangible bullet ammo. HCL is a hard-cast lead bullet. Velocities are listed in feet-per-second (fps). Bullet weights are listed in grains.

Ammunition Bullet Weight Velocity
Buffalo Bore HCL 255 1009
Buffalo Bore JHP 230 1021
Buffalo Bore FMJ 230 1019
Buffalo Bore JHP 185 1156
Cor-Bon JHP 200 1089
Cor-Bon JHP 165 1107
Cor-Bon JHP 230 1001
Cor-Bon DPX 185 1160
Cor-Bon PB 165 1199
Cor-Bon Glaser 145 1233
Stryker FMJ 230 821
Atomic HP 230 950
Remington FMJ 230 816
Remington UHD 230 819
NPA Frangible 140 1152
Handload LSWC 200 1017
WCC 1911 Ball FMJ 230 822

The accuracy of this pistol is superb. I tested for accuracy by shooting hand-held five-shot groups at a distance of twenty-five yards, with the front of the frame rested across a Target Shooting, Inc. pistol rest. Every type of ammo fired resulted in sub-two-inch groups, with most ammunition cutting that in half, as represented in the pictures shown. Of course, cheap Eastern European or substandard handloads will not perform well, but using quality ammunition, this HK45T is a match-grade weapon. Reliability was perfect. Every cartridge fed, fired, and ejected flawlessly, using each of the ammunition types listed in the velocity chart above. The big HK is easy to shoot, and easy to shoot well. The recoil is easy to control, even when firing Plus P rated ammunition. The HK45 Tactical pistol is built right, and built in the USA.

As noted above, this pistol is available only from dealers who order firearms from Lipsey's. If your dealer is not a Lipsey's dealer, they can become one. If not, you can find a list of Lipsey's dealers in your area on the Lipsey's website. These HK45T pistols with the Cerakote slide are limited in availability, so if you want one, it would be wise to get your order in soon.

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Jeff Quinn

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Pistol comes with hard case, two ten-shot magazines, instruction manual, extra backstrap, backstrap tool, and spare O-rings.



O-ring centers barrel perfectly in slide.





Steel ten-shot magazine.



Typical twenty-five yard groups.





Flat-wound recoil spring with buffer assembly.