Target Shooting, Inc. Model 1500 Pistol Rest


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

January 2nd, 2011


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For many years now, I have relied upon the shooting rests from target Shooting, Incorporated to help me in testing the accuracy of rifles. I have tried other brands. Some were okay, but most were no good; not much better than shooting off of a rolled-up jacket laid over a pickup truck hood. To be able to assess just how accurate a rifle/ammo/scope combination is, the human element has to be eliminated as much as possible. With the rests from Target Shooting, I can almost entirely take myself out of the equation.

Now, Wally Brownlee at Target Shooting has developed a heavy duty, very stable rest tailored specifically for the handgun shooter. Whether used for accuracy testing, or for long range shooting from a fixed position, the Model 1500 pistol rest is the best that I have ever seen. Every component of this machine is heavy duty, and built heavier than it has to be. The 1500 is adjustable in every direction to get both the shooter and the handgun into a steady position. The rest is made so that the shooter can position the pistol in the exact same position every time, exert the same amount of pressure upon the pistol every time, so that the pistol will recoil exactly the same way, every time. The shooter’s arms rest upon a wide, flat portion of the rear section of the rest. The pistol is positioned and held on the padded front portion with the barrel or the front of the frame laid into the V-rest, and the trigger guard or front of the frame pressed onto a padded cushion, and the trigger is pressed. Consistency is paramount when testing the mechanical accuracy of anything, and the Model 1500 makes it possible to eliminate almost every possible inconsistency as the trigger is pressed to the rear, firing the weapon.

I encourage you to watch the video with this review, as it shows how the Model 1500 works much better than I can explain in words. However, and I have been shooting handguns for decades, this Model 1500 pistol rest is the best, the steadiest, and the most consistent way that I have found for holding a handgun and pressing the trigger. It is available online from, is one hundred percent American made, and I highly recommend it.

Jeff Quinn


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