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by Greg Quinn

photography by Greg Quinn

February 11th, 2009




We at have the privilege of testing some of the finest products in the firearms marketplace.  For the past nine years,, the first and by far the largest test magazine, online or print, has been providing honest and informative tests and evaluation of firearms and related products.  Obviously, we test more guns than anything.  We are first and foremost a gun test site.

We gun-lovers like to talk about guns.  We at love to test guns.  We own a lot of guns, and we shoot a lot of guns.  However, to keep a gun functioning properly, it must be kept clean.  And, to keep a gun clean, you need quality gun cleaning products.  Among the best gun cleaning products on the market are those of Shooters Choice.

It has been almost a year ago that we received several boxes of Shooters Choice cleaning products.  Shooters Choice President Joe Ventimigloa and I discussed at the NRA show last year about reviewing on the cleaning products of Shooters Choice.  Testing cleaning products is a bit different than testing a gun.  We can spend a few hours with a gun at times and have a pretty good idea of its performance.  For cleaning products, more time is required to get to know the product, use it several times, and utilize various products by the same manufacturer to truly provide a quality test and evaluation of their products.  So, with almost a year of experience with Shooters Choice cleaning products, and actually many years beyond that with some of their products, we can speak about them with some degree of authority.

That said, I believe the quality, product variety, application covered, and value of Shooters Choice products is among the very best available in the industry.  I could use anyone’s cleaning products.  I choose to use Shooters Choice products.  Nuff said.

I have been using some Shooters Choice products for many years.  I have always liked their aerosol Quick Scrub and Shotgun and Choke Tube Cleaner products, as well as their liquid MC#7 and Firearms Bore Cleaner.  I have used these products for many years, and have always liked them.  Joe introduced me to some new products that I have used over the past 9 months or so, and I must say that I am impressed.

First, Shooters Choice has a great variety of products.  They have been making gun cleaning products for a long time, and they focus on being the best and in utilizing the latest technology.  They therefore offer a wide variety of gun cleaning products for most any cleaning challenge.

Secondly, Shooters Choice offers a good value to their customers.  Their prices are competitive with any other quality cleaning product on the market.  And, a little goes a long way, making a bottle of Shooters Choice product last a good while.

Finally, Shooters Choice products are available through retailers, and online.  For those of us that prefer to shop online, this is important. I’m not a shopper. I prefer to go to the website of what I want, order it, and have the “Big Brown Truck of Happiness” (as Jeff refers to UPS) bring it directly to the shop. 

Now, about some of the products. 

Their Shotgun and Choke Tube Cleaner is one of the finest aerosol shotgun cleaning products around.  I have used it for many years and it works.  Shotgun bores are messy and require a lot of cleaning to keep them in top condition.  A quick spray and rub in the action and in the barrel helps clean up the debris that can inhibit the performance of your shotgun.

Their Quick Scrub III is an improvement over their old Quick Scrub product.  I have used Quick Scrub a long time.  This product allows for cleaning of actions without disassembly, and the product evaporates without residue.  The aerosol is convenient and easy to use.  I have kept a can of Quick Scrub in my gun kit for years, and glad that they are continuing the development of this fine product.  It is also one of the best values on the market.

I personally think MC #7 Bore Cleaner and Conditioner is one of the best cleaning products on the market.  I have used it for years, and it is a one-step concentrated solvent that effectively removes powder, lead, wad fouling, and about any other residue that might build up in your action or bore.  It is a solvent-based product, but will not harm any plastic, composite, or metal surface.  It comes in several handy sizes, and in gallons. It is proven over years of use and refinement.  If I had to use one all-round solvent, this would be the one.

While gun cleaning chemicals is their mainstay, they make a good lubricant as well in FP-10.  It bonds well to metal surfaces and provides excellent lubrication. 

One of Shooters Choice’s new products is called Aqua Clean. As you could guess from the name, it is a water-based cleaner.  Honestly, I had doubts about this product, but after using Aqua Clean for months now, I must tell you that I am sold on this revolutionary new cleaning product.  This water-based formula quickly dissolves oil, grease, and powder fouling in actions, receivers and trigger assemblies, yet is safe to use on all firearms surfaces. It is designed to work in ultrasonic cleaning equipment and parts washers, and while I’ll bet it would do a good job in that application, I did not try the product in a parts washer.

Aqua Clean Firearms Action Cleaner/Degreaser is environmentally friendly, non-flammable, non-hazardous, non-corrosive and safe to use.  It is designed to not harm bluing, plastics, polymers, camouflage, painted and wood finishes. Aqua Clean has no harsh chemical smell, is biodegradable and water soluble for easy clean up, and is V.O.C. compliant. It stores as a non-regulated product and, like all Shooters Choice products, carries the Shooters Choice unconditional satisfaction guarantee.  For those to whom traditional solvent-based cleaners cause problems due to the smell, you will find good cleaning abilities without the solvent smell in Aqua Clean. 

If your local gun dealer doesn’t carry Shooters Choice products, tell him he should.  Or, do like I do.  Order your products online.  With fast delivery, exceptional quality control, good customer service, a website that provides you easy access to all Shooters Choice products as well as training on gun cleanliness, and a money-back guarantee, you cannot go wrong with Shooters Choice products.

You have spent hard-earned money for your guns.  Keep them operating effectively with proper cleaning and lubrication.  Shooters Choice products are an excellent investment in the future success of your firearms.

To find out more about Shooters Choice products, go to  Tell them Gunblast sent you.

Greg Quinn

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Greg is a great believer in Shooters Choice products, and keeps a good supply on-hand.




Aqua Clean cleaner & degreaser is a new product from Shooters Choice. It is water-based, and makes short work of the tough jobs.