New Guns & Stuff at the 2008 NRA Annual Exhibit

by Jeff Quinn

Photography by Jeff Quinn

We've just returned from the 2008 NRA Meetings and Exhibit in Louisville, Kentucky. Among the wonderful displays there, we saw a few new items that we did not see at the 2008 SHOT Show back in January, so we took a few pictures. Look for reviews on many of these products soon.

Also on display, besides lots of guns and related products, we some very good collections of older firearms. 2008 being the 50th Anniversary of the Ruger Bearcat, The Ruger Collectors Association displayed some old and interesting Bearcat revolvers, and there were many other fine old guns there as well. 

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One-of-a-kind Ruger Bearcat with solid brass Dragoon-style trigger guard.

Anniversary Bearcat.

Bearcat serial #11.

Bearcat display.

Bearcat display.

Several unusual heads on display, including Greg's.

Great Western revolver display.


Vintage Smith & Wesson revolvers.

Ruger 10/22 Compact.

Kahr's new .380.

DSA SA58 rifles.

New left-handed M-4 from Stag Arms.

Jeff being interviewed on the topic of gun rights.

TriStar Sharps rifle.

TriStar camo Over/Under Shotgun.

Trijicon AccuPoint scopes are now available with crosshair reticles.

Target Shooting, Inc's new Sandbag Machine Rest.

Mako lightweight bipod.

Mako lightholder grip.

Mako pistol mount for rifles.

Mako shotgun forearm with accessory rail.

Charter has their .327 Federal magnum revolvers in production.

Leupold is offering custom finishes.

More from the Leupold Custom Shop.

More from the Leupold Custom Shop.

More from the Leupold Custom Shop.

FNH-USA Combat Shotguns.

Alexander Arms' new six-pound 6.5mm Grendel rifle.

S&W has trimmed down their .500 Magnum.

S&W M&P15 chambered for the abundant and cheap 5.45x39 cartridge.

Ballard single-shot rifles.


Savage's latest target rifle.

Detail of Savage's adjustable buttstock.

Bushmaster's new .338 Lapua long range AR.

Bushmaster's new .338 Lapua long range AR.

Eighteen-inch barreled Uberti SAA.

Franchi Destino Double.

Franchi Destino Double.

Charles Daly has entered the AR-15 market.

Rossi single shot camo-stock rifle.

Rossi single shot laminated-stock rifle.