Flat Dark Earth Glocks, Available Exclusively from Lipsey’s

by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

April 2nd, 2012

UPDATED June 17, 2014





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Available exclusively from Lipsey's, the Flat Dark Earth Glocks now feature a Cerakote slide to match the frame color. Also included are four different Flat Dark Earth backstraps, with or without beavertails.



14 rounds of 45 ACP firepower.





The Gen 4 Dark Earth Model 21 comes with three thirteen-round magazines.



Grip is well-textured for a secure hold.



Extra backstraps are easy to install over top of grip frame with pin tool and longer pin.





Gen 4 recoil spring assembly.





Glock has been producing fighting pistols for going on three decades now, and marketing them quite successfully in the US for twenty-five years. The Glock line has expanded rapidly over the years to include many variations and sizes, but for the most part, Glocks have always been black. Glock did run off a few with O.D. green frames, but shown here is the first of the Glocks with a Dark Earth frame. Dark Earth has been a very popular color for other makers of polymer-framed pistols, and now, for those who will carry nothing but a Glock, you can have your Glock with a Dark Earth frame.

There are several models of the Glock available with the Dark Earth frame color, in both Gen3 and Gen4 configurations. These Dark Earth Glocks are only available through a Lipsey’s dealer. Lipsey’s is a large firearms wholesaler in Louisiana, and they sell to gun dealers all over the US. Lipsey’s will carry the following models with the Dark Earth frames.


Glock 17 - 9mm

Glock 19 - 9mm

Glock 22 - 40 S&W

Glock 23 - 40 S&W


Glock 17 - 9mm

Glock 19 - 9mm

Glock 21 - 45 ACP

Glock 22 - 40 S&W

Glock 23 - 40 S&W

Each of these Dark Earth Glocks are available only with standard-capacity magazines. No low-capacity ten-round models are available. The Gen3 pistols are shipped with two magazines, and the Gen4 pistols come with three magazines.

For those not familiar with the Gen4 upgrades, in addition to the extra magazine, all Gen4 pistols have extra back straps to add thickness at the rear of the frame, and additional reach to the trigger. The pistols come with two additional back straps, which cover but do not replace the standard back strap. Glock provides a punch to push out the trigger housing pin, and a longer pin to hold the larger back straps in place. I have a large hand, and usually wear an XL glove, but the standard Gen4 back strap on this Model 21 suits me perfectly. The Gen4 pistols also have a reversible magazine release, and a very well-designed dual-spring recoil spring/guide rod system. It reminds me of the DPM recoil reducing system, which I have in all of my Glocks and M&P pistols. The Gen4 Glock spring system is probably the best improvement over previous generation Glock pistols.

The pistol shown here is the 45 ACP Gen4 Dark Earth Glock. It is a dandy pistol, and likely one of the best fighting pistols on the planet.

Critical specifications for the Gen4 Glock 21 are listed in the chart below. The weights are listed in ounces, and linear measurements in inches. The grip and frame widths were measured at their widest points. The maximum width is measured across the magazine release. Trigger reach is measured to the center of the trigger, with no accessory back strap attached. The height includes the sights and the magazine base. The trigger pull is listed as pounds of resistance. The weight includes the empty thirteen-round magazine.

Weight 29.3 oz.
Height 5.51"
Length 8.01"
Slide Width 1.12"
Maximum Grip Width 1.25"
Frame Width 1.15"
Maximum Width 1.26"
Trigger Pull 5.6 lbs.
Trigger Reach SA 2.86"
Barrel Length 4.61"
Magazine Capacity 13
Magazines Supplied 3

I tested for velocity with my chronograph set at ten feet from the muzzle, and an air temperature of seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit and a relative humidity of fifty-five percent. Velocity readings were taken at an elevation of approximately 541 feet above sea level. Velocities are listed in the chart below, and are listed in feet-per-second (fps). FMJ is a full metal jacket bullet. JHP is a jacketed hollowpoint. DPX is an homogenous copper hollowpoint bullet. Glaser is a specialty pre-fragmented core inside a copper alloy jacket. PB is Pow’RBall. LFHP is a Barnes lead-free homogenous copper hollow point bullet. LWSC is a cast lead semi-wadcutter bullet. Velocities are listed in feet-per-second (fps). Bullet weights are listed in grains.

Ammunition Bullet Weight Velocity
Buffalo Bore JHP 230 971
Buffalo Bore FMJ 230 951
Buffalo Bore LFHP 185 1150
Cor-Bon JHP 200 1109
Cor-Bon JHP 165 1110
Cor-Bon JHP 230 921
Cor-Bon DPX 185 1009
Cor-Bon PB 165 1116
Cor-Bon Glaser 145 1192
Stryker FMJ 230 822
Atomic HP 230 926
Remington FMJ 230 831
Handload LWSC 200 990
WCC 1911 Ball FMJ 230 747

Accuracy was superb. I tested for accuracy with the Glock 21 G4 secured into my Ransom Master Series machine rest, with the target set at twenty-five yards. Every group fired measured two inches or less center-to-center for five shots. That is good accuracy for a big bore target pistol, and excellent accuracy for a polymer fighting pistol. The textured grip made shooting the Glock offhand a pleasure. The grip is textured enough for a secure hold with a sweaty hand, but it is not so rough as to be abrasive. The sights were easy to see in good light, but for social work, I would add a set of Trijicon tritium night sights, or the XS Sights Big Dot tritium front with tritium Express rear for very fast sight alignment day or night. I am not sure if Crimson Trace has a Lasergrip for this Gen 4 21 yet, but as soon as they do, it would make an excellent addition for low-light fighting as well.

The Gen4 recoil spring system works really well. For such a big pistol, the Glock 21 is relatively light weight, but the recoil spring system handles the recoil of even the hot Buffalo Bore Plus P loads very well. Buffalo Bore has out a new 45 ACP load which uses the Barnes homogenous copper hollowpoint bullet that should make for a very good hunting and fighting load. I like the Barnes bullet, as it penetrates deeply and expands readily. This Buffalo Bore Lead Free load was also the most accurate ammunition tested in this pistol. I also tried out another new-to-me load from Atomic Ammunition. It uses a bonded 230 grain hollowpoint, and shoots accurately and functions reliably.

While Glocks have always sold really well, I think these new Gen3 and Gen4 Dark Earth Glocks will be a big hit. It gives the owner something different to show off at the range, and distinguishes these new Glocks from past models, even at a distance. I particularly like the new Gen4 features on this Model 21. It feels good in my hand, points naturally, is easy to hold, and easy to shoot.

Again, these Dark Earth Glocks are distributed only through Lipsey’s. If your favorite dealer is not a Lipsey’s dealer, have him to call 1-800-666-1333 and correct that problem. If you prefer, you can go to www.lipseys.com and click on the DEALER FINDER to locate a Lipsey’s dealer near you. These new Dark Earth Glocks are in stock and ready to ship today, so if you want a Glock that looks like no previous Glock, get one ordered before they are gone.

To order the Buffalo Bore ammunition, go to www.buffalobore.com.

To order other quality 45 ACP ammunition, go to www.luckygunner.com, www.theamericanmarksman.com, and www.atomicammunition.com.

Jeff Quinn

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Click pictures for a larger version.




Available exclusively from Lipsey's, the Flat Dark Earth Glocks now feature a Cerakote slide to match the frame color. Also included are four different Flat Dark Earth backstraps, with or without beavertails.



The Gen4 Dark Earth Model 21 comes with hard case, cable lock, extra backstraps, pin punch, cleaning brush, three magazines, mag loading tool, and instructions.





Reversible magazine release.





Accessory rail (top), slide lock (bottom).



Excellent hunting and carry load: Buffalo Bore's lead- free Barnes 185-grain hollowpoint.



New-to-me is this Atomic 230- grain JHP load, which performed well.



Accuracy at 25 yards, fired from Ransom Machine Rest.