Eagle Grips Colorful Art Jewel Collection of Handgun Grips


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

June 26th, 2011


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Eagle Grips' "Art Jewel" collection.



Red "Secret Service" style grips, mounted on a Smith & Wesson Model 651.



I have used Eagle Grips on my handguns for many years. Whether bought from dealers at gun shows or ordered direct from Eagle, I have always been pleased with the quality of materials and the fit of the grips to the weapon. My favorites are the Stag and American Elk materials, but Eagle’s exotic woods are also very nice. I have also purchased horn grips from Eagle, and several sets of their polymer ivory grips for single-action revolvers. Their Secret Service grips are some of my favorites for double-action revolvers, with the Eagle Gunfighter being my favorite style for my single-actions.

Recently, while speaking with Raj at Eagle, he told me of some new grip material that he had discovered in his travels around the world in search of such things, and offered to send me a couple of sets for review. While most traditional gun owners prefer natural woods, horn, and antler for our grips, or synthetic replicas of such, there is a market for grips that are a bit more colorful, a bit more flashy, and a bit more feminine than the traditional. For those who are in need of such grips, Eagle now has their Art Jewel Collection.

The pictures can do a better description than I can offer in words, but in addition to those shown, Eagle has other colors as well, to suit any taste.

Women are making up a larger percentage of gun owners each year, and many women want more feminine colors. Changing grips is an easy, inexpensive way to personalize a handgun, and with the Art Jewel Collection, Eagle is offering a way to add some flash to your handgun without pulling the trigger. While these new grips will not appeal to everyone, for those who are seeking such, the Eagle Art Jewel Collection offers these vibrant grips in several colors and styles, to fit many popular handguns.

Check them out and order online at www.eaglegrips.com.

Jeff Quinn

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Click pictures for a larger version.


Eagle's "Gunfighter" SA grips have a thinner profile that Jeff finds very comfortable.



Pink "Gunfighter" style grips, mounted on a Ruger John Wayne 100th Birthday New Vaquero.



Blue "Gunfighter" style grips, mounted on a Ruger 44 Special "Flattop".