Dillon Precision 550 & 650 Tool Holder & Wrench Kit


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

January 3rd, 2007




Gunblast readers, and anyone else who has ever asked my advice on progressive loading equipment, know how much I like Dillon Precision equipment. I use other brands of accessories sometimes, from dies to powder measures, in addition to or along with my Dillon equipment, but for the most part I recommend and use Dillon presses, for both metallic cartridges and shotshell loading. Their stuff works, and works well.

I am also always on the lookout for new simple ideas that either make cartridge loading easier or more efficient in some way. I recently received one of Dillonís new tool holders to hold the tools needed to make adjustments and caliber changes on their 550 progressive press.  The tool holder works just as well on the 650 press, and Dillon also has a version which mounts on the 550 casefeeder.

One of my presses has the casefeeder attached, and that is the machine upon which I chose to mount the tool holder. It took about three minutes to do so, and I was in no hurry. It is a simple two-bolt operation, no matter which mounting location that you choose.

The new tool holder will accommodate Dillonís Allen wrench set, which are thankfully ball-ended, and their combination 1-inch by 7/16-inch wrench.

This is a handy little tool holder that keeps the tools needed right at hand. It is a great idea, and I like it. Currently priced at just under 25 bucks with the wrench set, or just under 15 without the wrenches, it is a pretty good deal, and will make using a Dillon press just a little bit more convenient.

Order online from Dillon Precision at:  www.dillonprecision.com or call toll free 1-800-223-4570.

Jeff Quinn

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Dillon Precision 550 & 650 tool holder & wrench kit.



The tool holder mounts in this position on a 550 or 650 press...



...or it mounts here on a 550 casefeeder.



For just a few dollars more than the tool holder alone, you can buy the tools to go with it, including a 7/16" x 1" wrench and ball-end Allen wrench set.