Crimson Trace “Rail Master” Universal Laser Sight for Rail-Equipped Firearms

by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

January 30th, 2012



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Crimson Trace "Rail Master" Universal Laser Sight, mounted on Jeff's Ruger SR-22 pistol.





Activation is quick and natural, with the activation switch falling under the tip of the trigger finger upon presenting the weapon.



Crimson Trace makes some of the very best laser sights for firearms. For many years, I have trusted Crimson Trace Lasergrip and Laserguard laser sights, and more recently, Lightguard flashlights on my fighting weapons. I have found that the Crimson Trace laser sights hold their settings, have very good battery life, and are instinctive and easy to activate.

Most Crimson Trace lasers are each built to specifically fit a certain firearm, but now CT has a new “universal” rail-mount laser. Usually, when a product is labeled as universal, that means that it doesn’t fit anything, but in this case, the Crimson Trace CMR-201 really does fit a wide variety of firearms that are equipped with accessory rails. At the Media Day event before the SHOT Show a couple of weeks ago, I spotted a small laser attached to the new Ruger SR-22 pistol at the Crimson Trace firing range, and had to give it a try. Since then, I have attached a CMR-201 laser sight to my own SR-22 pistol, and I like it better every day.

The CMR-201 laser sight weighs in at about one-half ounce, including the battery and mounting screws. When mounted upon the weapon, that weight is imperceptible, even on the lightweight Ruger. More importantly, the activation of the laser is instinctive. The activation buttons are ambidextrous, so the laser can be turned on using the trigger finger of either firing hand. Attached to the SR-22 pistol, the button is exactly under the tip of the trigger finger as the weapon is drawn, so it takes no additional time to activate the laser while bringing the weapon to bear upon the target. Some lasers on the market that are built to attach to the accessory rail are awkward and even dangerous to activate under stress. Some require that the user reach to the muzzle of the weapon to push a button to turn the laser on. That is foolish. The CT laser turns on instantly as the weapon is drawn, with the shooter’s finger outside the trigger guard, just as it should be.

The CMR-201 laser sight will also attach to a rifle or shotgun that has a Picatinny or Weaver compliant accessory rail, but mine has found a permanent home attached to this Ruger SR-22. Like all Crimson Trace lasers, the sight is easy to install, and easy to adjust to point of impact. Having it attached to the SR-22, or any other handgun, makes the weapon much easier to fire quickly and accurately in low-light and no-light conditions, and from shooting positions in which the pistol cannot be brought up to the line of sight. Also important; the battery can be changed without removing the sight from the weapon.

Like with every component of your fighting system, it pays to buy quality. I have had enough experience with cheap junk lasers that I have thrown away to know that all laser sights are not created equal. I trust my life to God, my gun, and my Crimson Trace laser.

The CMR-201 universal rail-mount laser sights are already in production, and are in stock and ready to order from

Jeff Quinn

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The CMR-201 adds almost no weight nor bulk to the pistol.



The CMR-201 laser sight is easy to adjust.