Crimson Trace LaserGuard for the Kel-Tec .32 & .380 Auto Pistols


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

June 15th, 2008




Crimson Trace Corporation in Wilsonville, Oregon has been supplying high quality replacement grips for handguns for several years now that have integral lasers for easier aiming in low-light conditions. A few years ago, I thought that lasers on handguns were just a useless trinket, and many of them were just that. However, since using LaserGuards from Crimson Trace on many of my handguns, and also on an AR-15 rifle, I have become a believer in their usefulness. For more information on my conversion and the practicality of these high quality lasers, I refer you to my article titled Shots in the Dark.

A couple of years ago, Crimson trace undertook the task of fitting their laser to auto pistols that do not have removable grip panels, and they have successfully fitted their laser sights to the Glock and the Smith & Wesson M&P series pistols. Instead of taking the easy route and attaching the laser sights to the accessory rails of these pistols, Crimson Trace instead made the laser sights more ergonomic, and easier to use and holster by designing laser units that attach to the grip area of the pistols.

The latest laser from Crimson Trace is made to fit the many thousands of Kel-Tec .32 and .380 auto pocket guns that are very popular for concealed carry. With almost all of those little pistols being carried for self defense, the Kel-Tec is a perfect candidate for a good laser sight. The fixed sights on the little Kel-Tec are necessarily small and hard to see, and the Crimson Trace Defender Model LG-430 is a welcome accessory for the dandy little Kel-Tec pistols. Purely a defensive firearm, the Kel-Tec is very popular because it is so small and light that it can always be close at hand, no matter the weather or occasion. The little guns sell so well because they work, and they are affordable. The LG-430 only adds about an ounce of weight, and nothing to the width and bulk of the little pistols. The Kel-Tec is one defensive pistol that needs a good laser sight, and I am happy to see Crimson Trace offering one. The design of the LG-430 attaches the laser unit to the trigger guard of the Kel-Tec. It is very easy to install, and takes about two minutes to complete the installation. Everything needed is included in the kit, and after installation, adjusting the laser to the point of aim is very easy to do with the supplied Allen wrench.

After installing the LG-430 onto a Kel-Tec .32, I walked into the woods where it was too dark to see the sights on the little pistol, but aiming with the LG-430 made hits very east out to around forty yards on small rocks and such. Ringing steel plates at twenty yards was quick and easy with the laser-equipped Kel-Tec.

Attaching the Crimson Trace LaserGuard to the Kel-Tec changes the profile enough that most pocket holsters for the Kel-Tec will not work, but Rob Leahy at Simply Rugged Holsters is ahead of the game, and already has a dandy little leather pocket holster ready to go for the Kel-Tec with the LG-430 laser attached. The holster weighs only one and one-half ounces, is thin, and keeps the pistol in place in the pocket. For anyone carrying an auto pistol in the pocket, I strongly recommend a pocket holster, and the Simply Rugged holster is the best that I have tried. The holster covers the trigger, and stays in the pocket when the pistol is drawn. Like all of Robís holsters, they are made with quality and affordably priced.

For more information and to order the LG-430 LaserGuard, go to

To order Simply Rugged holsters, go to

If you carry a Kel-Tec pocket auto, I highly recommend the Crimson Trace LG-430. It offers a real advantage in a gunfight, and has no downside. Because the question will come, the LG-430 will not fit the Ruger LCP, but Crimson Trace has one in the works for that little pocket pistol as well, and it should be available soon.

Jeff Quinn


Simply Rugged pocket holster made for the Crimson Trace-equipped Kel-Tec pistol.



The Crimson Trace-equipped Kel-Tec completely disappears in a front jeans pocket.



Activation button is protected by, but not touched by, the holster.

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Crimson Trace LaserGuard for the Kel-Tec pocket pistol.





To attach the LaserGuard, place the right half of the unit on the trigger guard, then...



...attach the left side with the screws provided.





The laser is easily adjusted to point of aim.



Activation button naturally operates for right-handed or left-handed shooters.