Crimson Trace Lasergrip for Glock Pistols


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

December 13th, 2005




Crimson Trace Corporation makes some of the best laser sights on the market. They have for several years been manufacturing Laser grips for most popular handguns that have replaceable grip panels, along with laser sights for AR-15 rifles.  Their Laser grips are very useful pieces of equipment for low-light shooting, as well as being a very good training tool for dry-firing practice. For more details on this, I refer you to my article, "Shots in the Dark".

Now, Crimson Trace has a new Laser grip for Glock pistols. The Glock is one of the most popular auto pistols in the world, but has posed a problem for Laser grip application, as the pistol has no removable grip panels. A few months ago, I learned that Crimson Trace was working on a Laser grip for the Glock, and I finally received a production sample about a week ago. The first ones off the production line are made to fit the full-sized Glock service pistols, such as the models 17, 22, 24, 31, 34, 35, and 37. I am not sure if it will fit the full-auto Glock 18 due to the location of the selector switch. Later, Crimson Trace will introduce Laser grips for other Glock frame sizes.

Installation of the Laser grip for the Glock is quick and simple. One simply pushes out a pin with the tool provided, slips on the Laser grip, and replaces the original pin with a longer pin, which is also provided with the Laser grip. Adjusting the laser is very simple, using the Allen wrench provided with the Laser grip.  Having no full-sized Glock pistol available, I borrowed a Model 17 from a friend. Installation of the Laser grip took less than one minute. It is entirely self-contained, housing the batteries on each side, with the activation button at the rear of the Laser grip, where it is naturally activated as the pistol is gripped by the shooting hand.

I was initially concerned that the Laser grip would change the feel of the Glock grip, which it slightly does, but for the better, in my opinion. The two sections on either side of the grip that houses the batteries provides a natural-feeling palm swell for the shooting hand, falling right in the hollow middle part of the shooter’s palm. The rear section of the Laser grip adds about one-eighth of an inch to the trigger reach, which for me greatly improved the pointability of the weapon. The full-sized Glocks always point a bit high for me, and the Laser grip corrects this problem.  Quickly point-shooting the Model 17 with the Laser grip attached, it was immediately obvious that the pistol was now pointing dead-on for me, much better than without the Laser grip attached. I tried this many times, switching back and forth between the pistol with and without the Laser grip in place. It definitely improved the natural point-shooting qualities of the Glock for me. The extra bit of trigger reach also placed the trigger right under the pad of my trigger finger, just as it should be.

In low-light shooting conditions, the Laser grip is a very valuable addition to the Glock pistol. If you can make out the silhouette of your target, you can accurately place your shots.  Since most social shooting encounters take place in low light, I certainly recommend the Laser grip for owners of Glock pistols. Crimson Trace really did their homework on this Glock Laser grip, and got it right. Every cop that carries a Glock on duty should get one of these, and I highly recommend them to anyone who relies on the Glock pistol for self defense. I will hopefully be trying out the Laser grips for other Glock pistols as they become available. I definitely plan to add one to my personal Model 19 when they become available for the medium-sized Glock pistols.

Check out the entire line of Laser grips online at:

Jeff Quinn

Ed. Note: Crimson Trace is now shipping laser grips sized for the Glock 19-sized pistols.

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Crimson Trace has introduced Laser grips for the full-sized Glock pistol.



Installation of the Crimson Trace Laser grip is a snap. Simply push out the pin at the top of the grip (top), snap on the laser grip and push in the longer pin provided (bottom).



Windage and elevation are adjusted with an Allen wrench, which is also provided.



The entire mechanism, including batteries, is contained within the unit.





"On" switch is automatically activated when the weapon is gripped.






At just 7/10ths of an ounce, the Crimson Trace laser grip weighs less than two 9mm cartridges.