Be a Patriot, Support Our Troops...Buy A Cathy Rankin Calendar!

by Jeff Quinn

March 17th, 2009

UPDATED April 16th, 2012





For Cathy's third (and final) calendar, she has reproduced some of the iconic posters of the 1960s, 70s and 80s, from the famous Bo Derek and Farrah Fawcett posters to the Christie Brinkley Sports Illustrated cover. Order now at the link below, and support this fine young lady's efforts to help our troops and their families. Better hurry, Cathy's 2012 calendar will sell out quickly!

Most folks who roll their own ammunition knows about Dillon Precision Products. Dillon has for many years produced the best progressive handloading presses available for competitive shooters, gun clubs, and any of us who love to shoot, and need to load a lot of ammo quickly. Dillon presses are also used by several ammunition manufacturers who produce high volumes of premium ammunition. I have personally used Dillon machines to load my ammo for many years, starting on a friend’s 450 back in 1986 while shooting bowling pins every weekend on the Mississippi Gulf coast. I have two of the 550Bs set up right now, one with the case feeder attachment for really high volume loading.

Dillon Precision also has a sister company, Dillon Aero. Dillon Aero manufactures the electric Gatling guns for the US Military, better known as the Mini-Gun, which fires 7.62x51mm NATO ammo from its six rotating barrels. The Mini-Gun is found in use by all branches of our fighting forces, and is an awesome weapon to see in use.

Anyway, Dillon Precision sends out a monthly catalog/magazine titled “The Blue Press”. This booklet contains information on all of Dillon’s reloading and shooting products, such as holsters, loading machines, brass preparation equipment, etc. Dillon ships out about a quarter million of these catalogs every month, and they are very popular not only for the product info and shooting-related articles, but The Blue Press is also famous for its models who grace the cover every month. Some of the models are on the cover once or twice, and a few have been featured several times. One of the most popular Dillon models is Cathy Rankin. Cathy debuted on the Blue Press cover about three years ago leaning across the hood of a Mustang GT. Since then, she has appeared on the Blue Press cover several times, and has also been featured in the calendars of both Dillon Precision and Dillon Aero. She is an actress, model, and really nice person.

At the 2009 SHOT Show in Orlando, I was speaking with Mark Pixler of Dillon Precision when the topic of his hard work on the Blue Press came up, which led to him telling me of Cathy’s calendar project. Cathy now has her own calendar. It is a 2009/2010 calendar of the best quality, with Cathy pictured on each page. does not get involved in promoting things like calendars, but when Mark told me of why Cathy is doing this, I agreed to help. Many of the pictures in this calendar pay tribute to our armed forces, and some of the other pictures are retro-style, and hearken to the World War II era pin-up style pictures. What makes Cathy’s calendar really special is that she is doing this to benefit our troops. Our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines are the best fighting forces in the world, and they stand in the gap for us against evil everyday. Every man and woman in the US armed forces is there by choice, and volunteered to serve our nation. It is popular today for many, especially those in Congress, to say that they support our troops, but do not support what they are doing. That is weak and a load of crap. It is important for our fighting men and women to know that we not only support them, but support their mission as well. A Congressman or Senator who stands up and says that he/she supports our troops, and then votes to cut off the money for needed supplies is a traitor. Through sales of this calendar, Cathy Rankin is helping to really support our troops and their families by donating a portion of the calendar proceeds to the New England Warrior, a 501(C)3 charity that sends needed supplies to our fighting men and women, and funds a scholarship to educate the children of Marines who have given their lives for our country.

This calendar is a large, high quality slick paper design that measures approximately 13 ˝ x 23 inches. I have included shots of some of the pages here, but I have to keep the resolution low for internet users on dialup. The actual calendar has much higher quality pictures than I can show here, but you can get the idea of the content by the pictures shown. All of the pictures are tastefully done, and you can hang it with pride, knowing that by your purchase, you have helped our fighting men and women. We can’t all go to the other side of the world to fight our enemies, so we send our best to do the fighting for us. Cathy is doing her part, and we can all help by purchasing a calendar or several. On her website, Cathy tells the story of how she got involved in this project. She sells the 2009/2010 calendar for $19.95 signed by Cathy, or $14.95 unsigned. By simply buying one or more of Cathy’s calendars, you are getting a high-quality product with several pictures of Cathy Rankin, but you are also helping to support those who stand in the gap for us all over the world, so that we can sleep peacefully at night. Be a patriot. Buy a calendar.

To place an order for signed or unsigned, singly or in bulk, click here:

These are for sale while supplies last, so order soon.

For more information on the New England Warrior charity, go to

Jeff Quinn


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Cathy Rankin's "Colors of America" 2009/2010 Calendar.