Cool & Useful New Items from CTK Precision


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

December 7th, 2006




About a year and a half ago, I received the CTK P3 Ultimate Gun Vise and reviewed it here on Since that time, it has become one of the most used and handiest tools on my workbench. I use it every time I need to clean a weapon or mount a scope. I also use it for a variety of other chores. I find that I reach for the Gun Vise just about every day.

I have recently received here some other useful products from CTK, and will try to briefly describe them here, but most need little description, as they are relatively simple, yet well-crafted products.

I will start with the P3 Ultimate Gun Rest. This item is a very versatile and inexpensive gun rest that adjusts to fit most any handgun or long gun that a shooter might happen to own. When sighting in a weapon, it is very important to have a quality rest that will hold the gun in a steady position, and equally important, that it will allow the weapon to be held exactly the same way for each shot. The pictures illustrate better than any words the versatility of the CTK Gun Rest.  One very important feature of the Ultimate Gun Rest is that it has plenty of clearance between the weapon and the rest to allow a shooter to work the action on a levergun or to allow clearance for an extended magazine, such as on an AR-15, AK, BAR, or other similar weapon.  Many rests on the market do not, causing the shooter to have to remove the weapon to work the action, ruining any chance to fully realize the potential accuracy of the weapon. The CTK has plenty of clearance, great latitude for adjustment, and is easily leveled on the shooting bench.

While on the subject of leveling, another handy little device from CTK is their Gun Level. It easily attaches to most any firearm so that the shooter can be sure that the gun is level when sighting in or shooting for accuracy. If the scope is canted in either direction, it will affect accuracy, especially if the weapon is not held precisely the same way each time. The CTK level is easy to use and inexpensive.

Many shooters, myself included, often shoot using a bipod attached to the forearm of the rifle. CTK now has a monopod, called the P3 Ultimate Mono-Pod. It is an extremely handy little device that attaches to the rear swivel stud on a rifle stock, effectively resting the gun at three points instead of two, creating what is as close to a bench rest as you can get in a portable device that is attached to the weapon. It is easily adjusted for height, is well-made, attaches quickly without tools, and is padded to protect the rifleís finish.

Now for the last item. About a week ago, I had just finished building a new rifle range that is a great improvement over my old one. The new one is well-protected from crosswinds, is covered, has electricity, a front porch for visiting, and allows me to lock up my shooting accessories right behind the bench. I was laying awake one night trying to figure a way to build a frame to hold a net or cloth bag that could be used to catch my brass as it exits the rifle or pistol. I have for years either used a device that attaches to the rifle when possible, or used a big cardboard box for pistols and rifles that had no brass catcher. I fell asleep still trying to figure out the best way to make a bench-mounted brass catcher. The very next day, I received from CTK Precision their Universal Brass Catcher. Until then, I didnít even know that they made one. Upon opening the box, I realized that this was just exactly what I had wanted! The Universal Brass Catcher has a hollow steel frame that is made to be filled with ballast if the owner chooses to do so. It has two end caps, allowing either sand or lead shot or some other heavy substance, like your wifeís biscuits, to add weight to the unit if needed. I used mine without any, and it worked just fine, but if high wind is a problem, adding weight might be a good idea. Adding to the versatility of the unit, it has a socket on the bottom to allow it to be mounted atop a camera tripod for shooting when away from the bench.  Great idea.

Like all of the products that I have seen from CTK, these items are useful, sturdy, well-designed, and a good value for the money spent.

For more information and pricing, go online to:

At this time, the Brass Catcher is just introduced and not on the website yet, but they are available and sell for just under $60.

Jeff Quinn

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The versatile P3 Ultimate Gun Rest easily converts for use with a wide variety of rifles and handguns.



The P3 Ultimate Gun Rest is easy to use and adjust.



CTK's Gun Level is a cool little item that makes sighting-in much easier and more precise.



The P3 Ultimate Mono-Pod is height adjustable. It can be used as a third support point on the buttstock, or mounted on the forearm stud as a stand-alone monopod.



Swivel stud attaches to either side of the mono-pod.



The P3 Ultimate Mono-Pod attaches to swivel stud on the rifle.



The monopod is padded to protect the stock's finish.



The P3 Ultimate Mono-Pod also features a center sling attachment so the original stud's function is retained.



CTK's Universal Brass Catcher.



Brass catcher's base is hollow to allow filling with ballast.



CTK's Universal Brass Catcher features a socket to allow attaching to a camera tripod.