P3 Ultimate Gun Vise from CTK Precision


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

July 10th, 2005




From time to time we receive a lot of products to review here at Gunblast. Some are very good . Some are junk. A couple of months ago, I received a box from CTK Precision in Marion, Wisconsin. Upon opening it, the literature stated that it contained the Ultimate Gun Vise. Looking into the box, it appeared to contain a lot of parts, so I set it aside and pretty much forgot about it. A few days ago, I was working on a Mossberg 500 shotgun, and it would not stay put while I was trying to manipulate internal parts, a punch, and a brass hammer. I decided to take the time to assemble the gun vise to see if it was of any use. Although I had dreaded trying to put the thing together, it was pretty simple, and took less than ten minutes to do so.

The Ultimate Gun Vise is built of quality materials, almost entirely of steel. It is a T-shaped device with a barrel or fore end rest at one end, and a padded clamp at the other. The vise measures about eighteen and three-quarters of an inch wide by twenty-five inches in length. It weighs eight pounds and thirteen ounces, and rests on the bench or table at three rubber-padded points. The three feet are adjustable by turning any of the large plastic knobs to level the vise on the bench top.  The V-shaped fore end rest and the vise jaws are well-padded with a soft urethane type material that conforms to the shape of the piece being clamped, and it holds the weapon very securely.  The front fore end rest is adjustable vertically, and the distance between it and the vise is adjustable from about one and one-half up to twenty inches. The rest can be set up for the convenience of either right-handed or left-handed users.  Along the side of the vise is a very convenient holder for a cleaning rod. Nice touch.

In use, the Ultimate Gun Vise is a very handy piece of equipment. I have always used an Outers rifle rest to work on and clean long guns. I had found the Outers rest too flimsy for use as a shooting platform, but it was okay to hold a gun for tinkering. However, it would allow the weapon to roll around sideways at the most inconvenient times. I now have no use for the Outers rest. The Ultimate Gun Vise is far superior as a holder for long guns, whether for cleaning or for mounting a scope, or any other purpose when one wants the gun held securely. I have long needed a fixture to hold handguns while working on sights or triggers, and the ability of the Ultimate Gun Vise to adjust in length makes it perfect for this.  CTK also sent along one of their leveling devices that allows the user to perfectly level the weapon for scope mounting and such.  It proved to be very handy.

The P3 is not a vise that can securely hold a war-surplus Mauser action while unscrewing a barrel, nor is it intended to be. However, it will work perfectly for ninety-five percent of any operation that needs to be performed by shooters. It is perfection for mounting scopes,  adjusting triggers, attaching stocks, polishing the bore, and routine cleaning chores. The angle of the weapon can be adjusted easily to whatever is needed while cleaning. It works very well for break-open actions, and there is plenty of clearance for operating the lever on a lever-action rifle. The P3 is also very handy to hold a weapon during disassembly or assembly. It is better than having an extra pair of hands. Hands drop stuff, the P3 won’t.

The P3 is one tool that should be on every shooter’s work bench. I very seldom make such a strong recommendation for a product, but after using the P3 for the past few days, I hope to never be without one again.

For prices and ordering information, check them out online at:  www.ctkprecision.com or call 715-754-2891.

Jeff Quinn

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The CTK Ultimate Gun Vise is fully adjustable along each axis, allowing it to fit a wide range of guns perfectly.



Length is adjustable to such an extent that the Ultimate Gun Vise is a very useful tool for working on handguns as well as rifles.



A handy feature is a hanger on the side of the Ultimate Gun Vise that accommodates storage of a cleaning rod.





CTK's leveling device is a very useful tool for scope mounting.



The padding material conforms to the shape of the gun being clamped for a secure but gentle hold.



The Ultimate Gun Vise allows plenty of room for cycling actions and working around the gun.