Deep Concealment Holsters From Badger Holsters


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

July 10th, 2011


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The Badger holster is available in a variety of materials and patterns.



The weapon is retained by a secure strap with Velcro closure.



Offside pouch is a good place to carry spare ammo, or to secure cash and credit cards from theft.



Offside pouch closes with Velcro.



Badger Holster makes some very comfortable, and also stylish deep concealment shoulder holsters. Sometimes, wearing a gun on the belt does not allow one to properly conceal the weapon. Even a gun in the pocket can print sometimes, and getting the gun under cover is important. Even in places where it is legal to carry in the open, or if you have a carry permit for a concealed weapon, it is important to keep the fact that you are armed from being common knowledge. You never want your opponent to know that you are armed until the fight starts. Never give a thug the advantage of knowing that you are carrying a gun. It makes you into a prime target when the festivities get started.

Also, there are times when you want more than one gun within reach. I often carry a smaller pistol or revolver in addition to the weapon in the belt holster, and in such cases, the backup gun is always well-hidden. For carrying a small pistol or revolver deeply hidden, the soft shoulder holster is a good option. I have used the Kangaroo for several years, and it works very well. Now, this new holster from Dawn B at Badger Holster is another good option. Dawn is a corset maker by trade, and started making the Badger out of necessity. Her trade as a corset maker carries over to the Badger Holster, as it is very well-fitted and comfortable to wear all day. The Badger has a strap over each shoulder, that crosses in the back, offering good, even support for the weight of the weapon. The holster is designed to be worn under a shirt, light jacket, or coat, and can be worn over an undershirt or right next to the skin. The weapon is carried under the arm, well-hidden from view and protected from loss. A strap with Velcro fastener holds the weapon securely. Under the opposite arm is a handy pouch to carry extra ammunition in speed strips or up to two extra magazines, handcuffs, flashlight, or other tool, and it is also an excellent place to carry cash and credit cards, well-protected from theft.

The Badger Holster is available in a variety of colors and patterns, an option which is appealing to some. All have elastic sections to allow the holster to move with its wearer, making it a very comfortable choice for carrying a concealed weapon. The holsters have a padded quilted construction, adding protection to the weapon and extra comfort to the wearer. Shown here modeled by Nicole is one that the ladies seem to really like, with a red-on-black pattern. I prefer the plain tan myself, but no matter the individual choice, the holsters are comfortable, well-designed, and expertly-crafted. Each one is hand made, and made in the USA.

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Jeff Quinn

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Click pictures for a larger version.


Nicole models the fancy version.



Cross-strap design moves with the wearer, and makes the holster very comfortable for all-day wear.