Kangaroo Industries Undercover/Off Duty Shoulder Holster


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

January 25th, 2004

UPDATED December 9th, 2010




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It has been almost seven years now since I first reviewed the Kangaroo Shoulder Holster. Since that time, I have received a lot of positive feedback from users of that unique holster, and only one negative, so that is a very good thing. If I recommend something, and it is no good, I hear about it. The one negative had to do with the delivery of the product through a mix-up somewhere, and was not a criticism of the holster itself.

Anyway, Kangaroo has now expanded their line to include holsters that fit just about any handgun that one might want to conceal, from the smallest semi-autos and mini revolvers to the duty-sized high-capacity weapons favored by many who choose to go heeled. Sizes are now available from small to 4XL to fit any body size, and any body shape. The holster works very well for both women and men. The Kangaroo holsters now have compartments for handcuffs, flashlights, and extra magazines, depending upon the model chosen. As always, the Kangaroo holsters are still made from breathable, soft cotton for wear next to the userís skin, if desired. It is a dandy way to carry a weapon, and works pretty much with any type of clothing that has more coverage than a Brazilian bikini. These holsters are adjustable for fit and comfort, and are still priced below forty bucks for the most expensive model, and that price includes shipping. Back in 2004, we were not doing videos, so we have added that as well, to show that with the Kangaroo, hiding a full-sized weapon is no problem at all. Check out the Kangaroo shoulder holster online at www.kangaroocarry.com or call 713-77-CRIME.

Jeff Quinn

A part of my duties as the Feature Editor of Gunblast is to sort through the many products that are brought to my attention as the possible subject of an article. Some are useful, interesting, new, nostalgic, or some combination of these attributes.  Other products are flimsy, stupid, useless, or cheap, and are sometimes a combination of all of these features.

When the Kangaroo shoulder holster was brought to my attention, I thought that it would fall into the latter category. I have seen numerous belly band holsters at gun shows, and have even tried a couple of them. They are usually made of elastic, and are very uncomfortable and hot. They also work their way down due to gravity as one goes about his daily routine, and are in need of constant adjustment. I find bellyband holsters to be pretty much useless for my needs. I initially thought that the Kangaroo holster was just another bellyband, but I did agree to give it a look.

Upon my first inspection of the Kangaroo holster, I immediately noticed that the thing is not made of elastic, but of cotton, which is left in its natural unbleached condition. The holster has two elastic adjustment straps where the Velcro attaches the ends, and that is plenty elastic to allow a bit of adjustment if wearing over an insulated undergarment. The rest of the holster is all cotton. The natural cotton is very comfortable, and can be worn with or without another garment underneath. It is washable just like any other piece of cotton underwear. It is made to be worn next to the skin, and becomes softer with use.  For photographic purposes, I wore the holster over a t-shirt to spare our readers the sight of my hairy body (Ed. Note - Thanks, Jeff! - Boge).  I have been wearing this holster intermittently next to my skin, and it is both comfortable and concealable.

Unlike a bellyband, the Kangaroo is designed to be worn just under the pectoral muscles, placing the gun under the arm opposite the strong hand, just like a conventional shoulder holster. Unlike most shoulder holsters, the Kangaroo is comfortable. The Kangaroo holster also has, unlike a bellyband, a shoulder strap to prevent the weight of the gun from pulling the holster down as a person moves. Walking, running, or jumping does not change the position of the weapon. It stays in place without the constant tugging and pulling required by a bellyband, which is a dead giveaway that the wearer is packing heat.

The holster built into the Kangaroo system is versatile, in that it will accommodate several different firearms. On the sample that I received, I have carried a five-shot Smith & Wesson .38 Special, a Ruger .357 SP101, a Glock model 19 9mm auto, a Kel-Tec .32, and a Bersa .380. All have carried securely in the same holster, and without any printing through my shirt.

Most concealment holsters require a loose untucked shirt or coat be worn to provide effective concealment. With the Kangaroo system, one can easily hide a firearm while wearing just about any attire that provides more coverage than a thong bikini. It is the perfect choice to wear under a t-shirt with a pair of shorts.  Even a tucked-in shirt will not compromise concealment. A business suit is useful for hiding just about any holstered gun, but in most business environments, people tend to remove their coats from time to time. With the Kangaroo system, you can remove your coat at the office without having to remove your gun, and your co-workers will not know that you are packing. For a woman in business attire, the Kangaroo is the perfect way to carry a firearm. Having a gun in your purse is only good if you are constantly holding your purse. The Kangaroo places the firearm under the arm, and the natural contour of the breasts makes it much more concealable than any other method of carry on a womanís body.

For a uniformed police officer, the Kangaroo system works extremely well for carrying a back-up piece, and can be worn over a bullet resistant vest. It gets the back-up gun out of the pocket, and makes it easy to reach when seated in a vehicle or a chair. For undercover officers, it allows the carry of a powerful firearm, even if working the beach in swimming trunks and a t-shirt.  There is a square pocket just behind the holster for carrying an identification card or driverís license.  The Kangaroo also makes it much easier to reach the weapon than if it was in an ankle holster. If I were a uniformed police officer, the Kangaroo with a .38 revolver would be part of my daily attire. It is also perfect for an off-duty officer to slip on late at night for a run down to the local Stop-and-Rob for a gallon of milk. You never know when youíll run across that punk you busted last week who takes such things personally.

With the welcome proliferation of people obtaining permits to carry concealed, many are not doing so on a regular basis due to the problem of hiding the weapon. Many leave their gun locked in the car. If you cannot reach your weapon, it is of no good to you. The Kangaroo shoulder holster allows you to carry a concealed handgun with you at all times, comfortably. They are available in either right or left-handed versions, and are sized to fit your body. It is the most comfortable way to go armed, regardless of your attire. It is perfect at the beach or at the office. It works very well when seated in a car, on a bike, or in a restaurant booth. Your gun doesnít show when you bend forward or reach for something, as it can with a hip holster. The Kangaroo holster is built very well and contains no dyes to irritate the skin. It is also priced at under 27 bucks.

Kangaroo Industries offers other specialized models in addition to the basic Undercover/Off Duty model.

Jeff Quinn

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Kangaroo Industries' Undercover/Off Duty Shoulder Holster is NOT "just another belly band" - it is a comfortable, practical deep concealment shoulder rig.

Kangaroo Industries' shoulder holster works very well for one of the author's favorite carry guns, a S&W Model 342PD .38. The holster carries the gun securely, comfortably, and tight to the body for easy concealment.



The body of the holster itself is not elastic like the typical belly band, but is made of natural cotton fabric. The Velcro fasteners are sewn to elastic bands.



Kangaroo Industries' Undercover/Off Duty Shoulder Holster easily accommodates a variety of weapons, including Jeff's Glock 19.