Ruger Single-Six RSSE 1 of 100 Limited Engraved 22 Sixgun by Tyler Gun Works

by Boge Quinn

photography by Boge Quinn

October 7th, 2019

UPDATED March 9th, 2020

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03/09/20 UPDATE: although the engraved Tyler Gun Works RSSE 22 Sixguns sold out very quickly, there are still a couple left due to the folks who ordered them not being able to pick them up. Act now!



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Tyler Gun Works RSSE comes with  leatherette-covered wooden fitted case, identical to the cases supplied with the original RSSEs.





Tyler Gun Works "TGW" marking is hidden in the engraving on top of the barrel, in a style similar to Charles H. Jerred's engraving on the original RSSEs.



Custom-fitted walnut grips by Scott Kolar of SK Grips.





Original Ruger RSSE magazine ad (top), Tyler Gun Works RSSE ad (bottom).



Last November, we told you about Tyler Gun Works' upcoming project of re-creating the iconic Ruger Engraved Single-Six 22 sixgun. Bobby Tyler has now brought that project into fruition; Tyler Gun Works has been delivering finished RSSE ("Ruger Single Six Engraved") sixguns for the past few months, and they are strictly limited to 100 engraved examples.

Originally issued from 1954 to 1958, Ruger's "Old Model" RSSE sixguns were Ruger's first venture into high-end variants, with only about 250 being produced over the four-year production run. I refer you to Bill Hamm's excellent article on the original RSSEs for more information on those historically-important sixguns. Originally priced at $150.50 (as compared to the standard Single-Six's retail price of $63.25), original RSSEs command five-figure prices in today's collector market...IF you can find one for sale.

Bobby Tyler is no stranger to creating limited runs of beautiful and collectible Ruger sixguns. We have already reviewed Tyler Gun Works' wonderful Limited Edition Ruger Bearcat Shopkeeper from early 2017, and their Limited Edition Custom Ruger Vaquero 357 Magnum / 9mm Convertible from later that same year. Both of these fine sixguns continue to offer great satisfaction of ownership, and though I cannot say I shoot them a lot, I can say that I do shoot them; also, thanks in large part to the mechanical tuning that Tyler Gun Works includes as part of their custom packages, they shoot very well. Some collectors might shudder at the thought of actually SHOOTING such beautiful works of art, but, as my brother Jeff likes to say, "Which do you think your grandkids would rather inherit: some pristine 'safe queen", or grandpa's beloved old sixgun?" To this I would add, if your grandkids would prefer the former option to the latter, they deserve neither. It is possible to both enjoy and take care of your guns, and guns are made to be enjoyed. End of sermon.

When I first met Bobby Tyler several years ago, he had the prototype of his Bearcat Shopkeeper with him, and my heart skipped a beat. Those who know me well know how much I love Ruger Bearcats, and that I consider the Bearcat to be the perfect single-action 22 "kit gun". As luck would have it, Bobby had sold out his entire run of the Bearcat Shopkeeper...except two. I immediately ordered those last two sixguns, and later received #4 (engraved) and #40 (non-engraved) examples. Later, when Bobby started producing the Vaquero 357/9mm Convertibles, he offered me the same numbers, so I also bought #4 (engraved) and #40 (non-engraved). These previous Tyler Gun Works offerings had regular-production Ruger serial numbers, with the Tyler Gun Works production numbers added to the bottom of the main frame; the Tyler Gun Works RSSEs, thanks to Bobby's good relationship with Ruger and Lipsey's distributors, are specially serial-numbered just for the Tyler Gun Works Limited Edition: RSSE-0001 through RSSE-0100. As you can see from this, the Tyler Gun Works editions are even rarer than the original RSSEs, with only 100 being produced, as opposed to approximately 250 of the originals. My Tyler RSSE's serial number is RSSE-0004, and as a personal favor to me, mine was the first one finished by Tyler Gun Works. Thanks, Bobby!

These Limited Edition Tyler Gun Works RSSE sixguns are Bobby's most ambitious project to date; they are absolutely magnificent, and they compare very favorably to the originals. The most obvious difference between the original RSSEs and the Tyler RSSEs is that the original RSSEs were "Old Model" Ruger Single-Sixes, with the Tyler version being on the "New Model" Single-Six, which features the "improved" New Model lockwork; this is understandable and inevitable, since Ruger hasn't produced "Old Models" since 1972. Another difference is that the original RSSEs featured the "Flat-Top" frame top strap with drift-adjustable rear sight that Ruger used at the time, while the Tyler version features the "rounded" top strap with rear sight groove (as seen on Ruger's Vaquero and Colt's Single Action army) currently in use. While these two differences are arguable as to which is preferred, a third significant difference between the original RSSEs and the Tyler version stands squarely in favor of the Tyler version: the grip frames of the original RSSEs were natural-polished aluminum alloy, while the Tyler RSSEs feature grip frames of natural-polished stainless steel. The stainless steel looks better, balances better, wears better, takes engraving better, and can be better-fit to the main frame. Grips for the original RSSEs were varnished walnut (with factory stag or ivory available as an option), while the Tyler RSSEs feature beautiful walnut grips hand-fitted by Scott Kolar at SK Grips. The engraving pattern and coverage of the Tyler RSSEs are in the style of the original RSSEs engraved by Charles H. Jerred. The original RSSEs came in a black leatherette display case with gold-embossed Ruger "Eagle" on the top, and a fitted, green cloth lined interior; the Tyler RSSE comes with a standard gray plastic Ruger box, along with a black leatherette display case that is identical to the original. 

One major difference between the original RSSE and the Tyler RSSE is cost of ownership: I have seen nice original RSSEs sell for well over $10,000, with lesser-condition examples at $8000 to $8500, while the Tyler RSSE is available directly from Tyler Gun Works for $2499.99. This obviously is not cheap, but I recognize that they represent a great value in a modern collectible sixgun; the rarity and the quality of these Tyler sixguns is beyond question, and at the time of this writing there are only a few left of the 100 ever to be produced.

Just as Bobby did with the previous Bearcat Shopkeeper and Vaquero Convertible models, the Tyler Gun Works RSSEs are being offered without engraving for those who can't swing the $2500 price of the engraved model. These RSSE "overrun" sixguns' retail price is only $999, and they are very much like the fully-engraved examples, except (obviously) the lack of engraving, the lack of the custom leatherette-covered wooden case, and the addition of color case-hardening on the stainless hammer (rather than the natural-polished engraved stainless steel hammer as featured on the engraved model).  These RSSE "overrun" sixguns are strictly limited to 150, and are numbered in the same special factory serial-number range as the engraved version (RSSE-0101 through RSSE-250). These 150 RSSE "overrun" sixguns are available exclusively through Lipsey's distributors; you can find a Lipsey's-affiliated dealer in your area by clicking on the DEALER FINDER at As with the engraved edition, there are only a few of these Lipsey's RSSEs still available.

A great sixgun deserves a great holster, and a fancy sixgun deserves a fancy holster. There are two custom holster makers who are offering holsters specifically for the Tyler RSSE; both are great and beautiful works of art, offered by friends and brother Shootists, and either would superbly round-out the RSSE package. The first is an offering from Mike "Doc" Barranti of Barranti leather. Mike is widely recognized as one of the finest holster makers this country has ever produced, and his fancy rigs have graced the pages of many magazines. His Tyler Gun Works RSSE Border Ranger holster is specifically mated to the Tyler RSSE, and retails for $270.00 with free shipping. If you provide the serial number of your RSSE, Barranti will stamp the serial number on the back of the holster, thus personalizing it to your RSSE, at no charge.

Our great friend Rob Leahy at Simply Rugged Holsters is also one of the most-respected holster makers in America. His innovative and rugged line of holsters runs the gamut from Cowboy-style rigs to the best in hunting and self-defense holsters. Rob is offering a special RSSE "Eldorado" holster, hand-carved by Rick Gittlein; the quality and craftsmanship is superb, and is something of which you and your progeny will be proud. The cost of Rob's RSSE holster is only $150.00, and he will also stamp the number of your RSSE on the back, free of charge.

Tyler Gun Work's RSSE sixguns are collectible and functional works of art, which are accessible to the modern collector or enthusiast's budget. As I mentioned before, they are nothing short of magnificent. There are not many remaining, so I strongly suggest you contact Bobby Tyler as soon as possible, and get yours on order. You will NOT be disappointed!

Order direct from Tyler Gun Works: or phone (806) 729-7292 or (806) 729-1943.

Non-engraved limited-edition RSSE available EXCLUSIVELY from Lipsey's:


Order ammo online at Lucky Gunner:

Remington ammo:

SK Custom Grips by Scott Kolar:

Barranti Leather by Mike "Doc" Barranti:

Simply Rugged Holsters by Rob Leahy:

Boge Quinn

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Click pictures for a larger version.



Lipsey's exclusive RSSE non-engraved "overrun" sixgun.



Custom-fitted walnut grips by Scott Kolar of SK Grips.



Tyler Gun Works RSSE (top), original Ruger RSSE (bottom).



Original Ruger RSSE with its fitted case.



Barranti Leather "RSSE Border Ranger" holster.



Simply Rugged RSSE holster.