Limited Edition Ruger Engraved Single-Six from Tyler Gun Works

by Boge Quinn

photography by Boge Quinn

November 8th, 2018

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Tyler Gun Works RSSE.




Barranti Leather "Border Ranger" RSSE holster.



Bobby Tyler of Tyler Gun Works in Friona, TX, is quickly becoming very well-known for his work in finishing and restoring firearms. His work is at least as good as anyone has ever achieved, and he has attained some measure of fame for figuring out how to impart true color-casehardening to stainless steel, which is a feat that had always been considered to be impossible. His shop is growing along with his work load; aside from becoming a finishing jobber for over twenty firearms companies (and counting), Tyler Gun Works does a great deal of custom restoration, gunsmithing, finishing, and engraving for individual customers. Bobby's company is growing by leaps and bounds, and his success couldn't be better-deserved; not only is Bobby the best at what he does, but he is a wonderful person, a true gentleman. Bobby is a brother Shootist, and Jeff and I have both become very close friends with him.

In the past, Tyler Gun Works has offered some limited-edition projects based on Ruger sixguns. Almost two years ago, Bobby did a limited run of 200 color-casehardened Bearcat sixguns, based on the Lipsey's Shopkeeper model with short barrel and birds-head grip; these were available either in blue/color-casehardened finish, or fully-engraved with blue/color-casehardened finish...and of course, I had to have one of the engraved models. Late last year, Bobby followed-up on the success of the limited Bearcat with a limited-edition of 200 Vaquero 357 Magnum / 9mm convertible sixguns, based on the Lipsey's-exclusive Vaquero 357/9mm convertible, which were similarly available either in blue/color-casehardened finish, or fully-engraved with blue/color-casehardened finish...and of course, I again had to have one of the engraved models.

Now, Bobby is coming out with a very special limited-run of Ruger sixguns: the Tyler Gun Works Engraved Ruger Single-Six (RSSE). The Tyler RSSE is based on what has become known as the "Holy Grail" of Ruger collecting: the Ruger "Old Model" Engraved Single-Six revolvers, which were produced in very limited numbers (about 250 total produced) from 1954 to 1958. Primarily engraved by Charles H. Jerred and known as the RSSE (Ruger Single-Six Engraved), the original RSSE sixguns are extremely rare and valuable on today's market. Bill Hamm wrote a brief history on the original RSSE back in 2003, so I will refer the reader to that article for the particulars.

The Tyler Gun Works RSSE is not meant to be an exact copy of the original RSSE; such would not be possible, as the originals featured the "Old Model" Colt-style action, while the new sixguns feature Ruger's safer (although arguably not as "cool") "New Model" action. Also, Ruger no longer produces a "flat-top" Single-Six frame with drift-adjustable rear sight, so the Tyler RSSEs have a Vaquero-style rounded top strap and non-adjustable rear sight groove. Still, the Tyler RSSE wonderfully pays tribute to the original RSSE; the engraving is not identical to the original Jerred pattern, but is evocative of the original Jerred-engraved sixguns. The Tyler RSSE features a stainless-steel grip frame, rather than the aluminum grip frame of the original RSSE, for a better look and feel; as with the original RSSE, the grip panels on the Tyler RSSE are a much fancier grade of walnut than is typically found on Rugers. A nice little touch by Tyler is the loading gate: the original early-1950s Single-Sixes featured a flat loading gate, rather then the contoured gate to which we have become accustomed; the Tyler RSSE features a loading gate which has been modified to a flat-gate style, while maintaining the functionality of the round-gate in the Ruger "New Model" system. Neat.

The Tyler Gun Works RSSE sixguns will be limited to not more than 100 produced, with a special serial number range of RSSE-XXX. The issue price, including a very accurate new reproduction of the original RSSE leatherette-covered, velvet-lined wooden box, will be $2499.99. Check out Tyler Gun Works at; to order and have the sixgun shipped to your local dealer, call Bobby Tyler at (806) 729-7292 or (806) 729-1943. You will be glad you did.

As a companion to the Tyler Gun Works RSSE sixguns, our friend and brother Shootist, Mike Barranti of Barranti Leather, is offering a special price on a beautiful hand-carved holster made especially for the Tyler RSSE. Based on his "Border Ranger" design, Barranti's RSSE holster is hand-carved and fully lined, and a finer holster you'll not find anywhere. Mike Barranti is a true artist in leather, and his work is second to none. A fine sixgun deserves fine leather, and you'll find no finer leather than Barranti Leather. Barranti is offering his RSSE Border Ranger holster for a special discounted price of $270.00; not cheap, but the best never is. These holsters are not sold by Tyler Gun Works, but directly by Barranti Leather; call Barranti Leather at (412) 860-4804 to order, or visit their web site at

Boge Quinn

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Tyler Gun Works RSSE (top), original Ruger "Old Model" RSSE (bottom).



Original Ruger print ad for the Engraved Single-Six (top); reproduction print ad for Tyler Gun Works RSSE (bottom).



Original Ruger "Old Model" RSSE.



Engraver's signature cartouches: Tyler Gun Works RSSE (left), original Ruger "Old Model" RSSE (right).



Engraver's signature cartouches: original Ruger "Old Model" RSSE Charles H. Jerred "CHJ" signature (top), Tyler Gun Works RSSE "TGW" signature (bottom).



Tyler Gun Works RSSE includes a faithful reproduction of the original RSSE's wooden leatherette-covered velvet-lined box. Tyler Gun Works RSSE in original RSSE box (top), original RSSE in Tyler Gun Works box (center), exterior of Tyler Gun Works box (bottom).