Recommended Reading: "Armed Response" by David Kenik


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

March 11, 2006




Too often, people start carrying guns for self preservation without being properly prepared. Going heeled is more than selecting the right gun; in fact, just about any compact handgun will serve. More importantly, it is the software between your ears that will save your hide more than the hardware in your holster.  Proper training is important. It does not necessarily have to be at one of the countryís top training schools. It is nice to be able to train with the professionals, but many cannot find the time nor the funds to do so.  Anyway, shooting skills are important, but awareness and attitude are just as essential for one who is to survive a gunfight.

First of all, if you find yourself in a gunfight, you probably screwed up somewhere already. Most can be avoided with a little forethought. Did you really have to run down to the local "Stop & Rob" at midnight for that gallon of milk? Was the short-cut through the back alley really the best decision?  Was it imperative that you inform that other driver as to the lineage of his mother? Probably not.

As stated earlier, most people obtain a pistol, a permit, some ammo, and not much else. The topic of going armed has been covered many times in many places, but one of the best pieces on the topic is a new book out by David Kenik titled: "Armed Response".

The book is forwarded by Massad Ayoob, and covers just about every aspect of going heeled in public. The book is mostly well-written, and it is easy to understand the authorís subject matter. Mr. Kenik does not presume that every reader is a combat veteran or martial artist. The book is filled with black-and-white pictures to help illustrate the authorís message.

"Armed Response" covers subjects such as weapon, holster, ammo, and clothing selection.  Kenik discusses weapon types and the operation of each. He covers the topics of proper behavior before, during, and after a confrontation. While I do not agree with every point that the author makes in detail, I also concede that he is probably more qualified than I to make such points in writing. He also points out what cannot be emphasized enough: that one is responsible for oneís own protection.  When you find yourself in grave danger, keep in mind that the cops will arrive, but usually after the fight is over. Itís your hide, your family, and your fight.

I highly recommend this book. It should be issued to everyone who receives a carry permit. It will go farther to prepare you for a fight than anything that you can slide into a holster.

"Armed Response" is available in book stores and gun shops, or can be ordered online here:

Jeff Quinn

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Quality tools for armed self-defense - David Kenik's "Armed Response" along with Jeff's favorite carry gun, a Smith &Wesson 342PD equipped with XS Sight Systems' "Big Dot" tritium front sight.



The book is filled with black and white pictures to illustrate the text.