Dillon Gunleather


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Boge Quinn


Dillon Precision Products has been manufacturing and selling high quality reloading products for over twenty years in Phoenix, Arizona. Their high quality progressive loading presses and accessories are well known to handloaders and are second to none in strength and durability. 

For the last couple of years, Dillon has been selling some well-made concealment leather that has been well received by numerous shooters who have seen fit to carry a concealed handgun while about their daily business. 

Just recently, with the dramatic increase in the popularity of Cowboy Action Shooting events around the country, Dillon has brought out their own line of "Arizona Territory" leather to fill the needs of shooters who love to carry and shoot single-action revolvers. 

The holster and belt pictured here is called the "John Wesley Hardin" Slim Jim, after the notorious outlaw of the same name. It is a beautiful, well-made rig consisting of a brown holster with six cartridge loops sewn to the outside in three vertically aligned pairs. The matching 2 3/4" belt is equipped with loops to hold 25 additional cartridges. 

In addition to the John Wesley Hardin rig, Dillon sent along one of their belt slides to hold six shotgun shells in three pairs of speed loops. This type of shell carrier is SASS legal and should be of benefit to Cowboy Action shooters. After examining the Dillon rig and using it with a Ruger Vaquero, I can personally attest to the quality of materials and workmanship of their new line of cowboy leather. It is well fitted to the gun and made of top quality American  leather, with heavy stitching and hardware. 

Dillon's line of Cowboy leather is priced below what would be expected when comparing the quality with much of the other leather on the market. It will do nothing to tarnish the reputation of Dillon Precision. 

For now at least, their holsters are offered in right-hand only. 

You can reach Dillon at 1-800-762-3845 to request their free catalog. The catalog itself is more of a monthly magazine, with good articles in addition to the products they offer. If you're in need of a good western rig, give Dillon a try. 

Jeff Quinn


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Dillon's "Arizona Territory" brand "John Wesley Hardin" Slim Jim rig.




Quality of materials and workmanship is very impressive.




Handy belt slide shotgun shell carrier is an accessory no Cowboy Action Shooter should be without.




Dillon offers quality leather at competitive prices!