Williams Fire Sight

by Jeff Quinn

photography by Boge Quinn

For many years now, the hunters and shooters in this country have been well served by the many choices in riflescopes provided by the various optics companies both here and abroad. No matter what the shooting condition, chances are that someone makes a quality scope to fill the need. 

There are times, however, when a shooter doesn't want or need the extra weight and bulk of an optical sight. There are also situations in which a scope can be a handicap, such as rain and snow. In extreme weather, it can be disappointing or even dangerous to shoulder a rifle only to find the scope wet or iced over to the extent that it is unusable. 

Conditions such as these are where a good set of open or aperture sights really earn their keep. Open sights are all right in some conditions, but most shooters are better served by a good set of aperture sights, commonly referred to as peep sights. With a good set of peep sights, the shooter looks through, not at, the rear sight. Only having to align the front sight with the target, this makes for a quick and precise sighting arrangement. The problem in many situations, however, is that in low-light conditions such as hunting in the woods on an overcast day, the front bead or post sight can be difficult to see clearly. 

This is where a relatively new sight from Williams Gun Sight Company really shines. This sight system combines their venerable Foolproof rear adjustable receiver sight with a fiber optic front, called the Fire Sight.

 What sets the Fire Sight apart from many other fiber optic sights on the market are the quality of materials and size of the bead on the front sight. Many fiber optic beads are just too large for precise work on distant targets. The Williams sight uses a small diameter fiber optic rod held in a steel sight base, as opposed to the many plastic bases on the market. In use, the red front bead is very visible, even against a dark background. 

I mounted the sights on a Winchester model 94 lever action rifle for testing. The rear sight is fully adjustable and has a screw-in aperture disk with a small hole for precision work, but can be removed leaving a ghost-ring type of rear aperture. 

Williams has been in business since 1926, and has this sight pretty much perfected for its intended purpose.

 The front sight drifts into place with a brass punch and didn't move around at all during shooting. 

The improved visibility of the front sight over the original silver bead is outstanding. In all light conditions, the sight is much better than the original bead. It doesn't disappear in bright sunlight as a silver bead tends to do. In darker conditions,  such as early morning or late evening hours, the Fire Sight really shows up. 

For hunters who hunt in dense brush or woods where the shots will be quick and close, or even in the open during periods of weather when a scope becomes useless, I highly recommend the Williams Fire Sight. 

You can reach Williams on the web at www.williamsgunsight.com or by phone at 1-800-530-9028. 

Jeff Quinn


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The Williams "Fire Sight" is a high-quality peep sight with a little something "extra"...




That little something "extra" is a small-diameter fiber optic front sight that is highly visible and quick to acquire in any light condition.