Timney Precision Adjustable Trigger for the Savage Axis Bolt-Action Rifle


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

July 23rd, 2011


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Savage Axis factory trigger.



Timney Axis trigger.



Timney's Axis trigger (left) compared to the factory trigger (right).



Timney's Axis trigger (top) compared to the factory trigger (bottom).



Timney trigger is adjustable for sear engagement (top), overtravel (center), and spring tension (bottom).



Ever since Savage introduced their new Axis budget-priced bolt action rifle almost one year ago, it has proven to be very popular, but some shooters and hunters have been wanting a better trigger. Thankfully, Savage has spoiled us with their excellent adjustable AccuTrigger, but it is not offered on their Axis line of rifles. The Axis is pretty much the time-tested 10/110 action that Savage has been building for several decades now, but it has some innovative features of its own. For more information on the rifle, I refer you to my updated review of November, 2010.

However, as good as the Axis is, some want a better trigger, and for those folks, Timney has delivered. Timney has been building precision triggers for many years, and is a top choice of custom gunsmiths for tripping the sear on fine custom rifles. Also, many Timney triggers are easily installed by anyone who can turn a screwdriver. This new trigger for the Savage Axis is precise, adjustable, affordable, and easily installed by almost anyone. I installed the trigger in my Axis in about ten minutes, and I was stopping to take pictures along the way. Installation and adjustment is very simple, and after installing the Timney trigger, I had it adjusted down to a very crisp two and one-half pounds and ready to go shooting. I tried repeatedly to make the trigger fail, but it held its cocked position, even under abuse.

A good trigger makes a world of difference in the practical accuracy of a rifle, and the Timney trigger produced a perfect trigger for my needs. It is adjustable for sear engagement, spring tension, and overtravel.

The Timney Axis trigger makes a very good rifle even better, and is available at many retail outlets such as Brownell’s www.brownells.com or other gunsmith supply outlets.

For more information, go to www.timneytriggers.com.

Jeff Quinn

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Click pictures for a larger version.


To install the Timney unit, simply remove C-clip and slide out pin, then remove the factory trigger...



...then put the Timney trigger in place and insert pin...



...then replace the C-clip.



Timney trigger adjusted to a safe and reliable 2 pounds, 5.1 ounces.



Removing trigger guard allows adjustment of trigger.