Timney AR-10 Self-Contained Drop-In Target Trigger/Hammer Unit


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

November 2nd, 2009




About two years ago, I reviewed the excellent Timney drop-in trigger/hammer unit for the AR-15 rifle. It is a very easy to install, precise trigger for a rifle that really needs an improved trigger. Timney has been in the trigger business for many years, and makes triggers for most popular bolt action rifles, but their AR-15 trigger, along with the trigger/hammer unit for the AR-10 rifle shown here, are badly-needed improvements to these excellent rifles.

The AR series of rifles are built for fighting, and in that role they do quite well. However, more and more shooters are taking these rifles to the firing line at competitive matches, and into the hunting fields, and in this role, the AR needs a better trigger. The new AR-10 unit does everything for the AR-10 that their earlier trigger did for the AR-15; that is, giving a fine rifle a much improved trigger pull.

A better trigger helps a shooter to get the best accuracy from his rifle, and these Timney units are readily available and easy to install. I detailed the trigger installation in the previous review, so I won’t plow the same ground here, but will just hit the high parts.

The Timney unit easily drops into the lower receiver of your AR-10. Reinstalling the trigger and hammer pins, and tightening two set screws completes the installation, except for adding two lock screws atop the set screws.

I have a DPMS LRT-SASS .308 AR that is the most accurate rifle that I have ever fired. I have a witness that saw me continually shoot into one slightly ragged hole at 200 yards with that rifle, despite it having a less-than-perfect trigger. That is one fine-shooting weapon, especially considering that it was me pulling that trigger. I am no benchrest shooter, am not competitive in any shooting sports, and am pretty much an average shooter. I do use good equipment, and the best shooting rests that I can find (www.targetshooting.com), but that DPMS rifle will really shoot!

Adding the Timney trigger to this rifle completed the package, making a really fine rifle into a perfect one.

Check out the entire line of Timney triggers online at www.timneytriggers.com.

Jeff Quinn


Timney trigger installation perfected a fine rifle.



Trigger pull on Jeff's sample measured just over three pounds, nine ounces.



Jeff likes to use a dab of grease to hold the top set-screws to Allen wrench.

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Standard AR-10 trigger & hammer parts.



Timney unit is fully self-contained.



Installation is simple: first, the Timney unit drops right into lower receiver...



...then, re-install trigger & hammer pins...



...and finally, tighten set screws.



Installation is complete!