Taurus PT 145 Millennium Pro .45 ACP Pistol


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

November 14th, 2004




Back in August of 2002, I wrote an article on the Taurus Millennium PT 111Ti 9mm pistol. Since then, Taurus has added to the Millennium series of compact semi-automatic pistols. They now have eighteen different pistols in that series, half of which are Millennium Pro models.  The Pro models are very similar to the regular Millennium series pistols, differing slightly in ergonomics. The Pro series pistols also seem to just feel better in my hand, and appear to be a bit smoother and better polished internally.

The Millennium Pro tested here is chambered for the popular .45 ACP cartridge. It holds ten rounds in the magazine, plus another in the chamber for a total of eleven, yet is a very compact and concealable pistol. The PT-145SSP tested has a polymer frame with a stainless steel slide and barrel, and weighs in at 22.2 ounces with an empty magazine. The overall length is only six and one-eighth inches, with an overall height of only five inches, including the sights and magazine floorplate. The thickness of the pistol at its widest point is only 1.14 inches, making for a very compact forty-five. While the pistol is easily concealable, it still offers a full, comfortable grip. The grip frame is textured front and back for a secure hold under any weather conditions, but was not abrading during the shooting session. I could get all of my fingers on the grip for a secure hold. Many compact pistols have too short of a grip for my large hand. This Taurus does not. It allows the shooter to get a firm, secure hold for shooting high performance defense ammunition. The barrel length is only three and one quarter inches, and the pistol wears three-dot sights atop its slide, which provides a good sight picture in all but the dimmest of light conditions.

The Millennium Pro has several built-in safety features. It is of a double action striker fired design, and has an internal firing pin block that prevents the gun from firing unless the trigger is pulled. This is the primary safety, and all that is necessary. However, in addition to that, the gun has a manual thumb safety that is easily accessible to a right-handed shooter, if he so chooses to engage that safety mechanism. On the right side of the slide is the key lock for the Taurus Security System, which securely locks the slide and trigger. This safety can be used for storage if the owner prefers, or ignored if not needed. The PT-145 also has a loaded chamber indicator which can be both seen and felt.

The double action trigger pull measured a velvety smooth six pounds and fifteen ounces on this pistol, but it felt much lighter due to its smoothness and the excellent design of the wide trigger blade. It has perhaps the best trigger pull that I have experienced on a double action pistol. The steel magazine ejected easily with a push of the release button, and was relatively easy to load, with or without the provided loading tool. The appearance of the PT-145 is one of quality, inside and out. The satin stainless contrasts nicely with the black frame, for a pleasing appearance. The slide return is facilitated by a captive dual spring arrangement, and worked extremely well during all shooting tests.

A variety of ammunition was used in testing the PT-145. The abbreviated barrel still provided good velocity readings from the ammunition tested, and all ammo functioned perfectly in the little pistol. The feed ramp to the chamber is polished like a mirror, provided smooth feeding from the magazine. The ammunition tested was fired over the sky screens of a PACT chronograph set up at ten feet from the muzzle, with the results as follows:

Ammunition Velocity (FPS)
Cor-Bon 165 grain +P Hollowpoint  1121
Cor-Bon 200 grain +P Hollowpoint  966
Cor-Bon 230 grain +P Hollowpoint  867
Cor-Bon 165 grain +P PowRBall   1051
Speer 185 grain Gold Dot Hollowpoint (.45 GAP) 891
WCC US Military 230 grain Ball 701

Note that the Speer ammo tested is the short .45 GAP cartridge, which this pistol is not meant to use. I tested it out of curiosity, and it functioned perfectly through the Taurus. The high performance Cor-Bon ammo grouped five shots within two and one-half inches with every variety tried, at a range of twenty-five yards. This is very good combat accuracy from a compact pistol. I also ran some hand loaded 200 grain lead semi-wadcutter ammo through the Taurus, and it would group five rounds into one and one-quarter inches from a rested position at twenty-five yards. This is excellent accuracy from this little pistol, much better than many full sized target pistols.  The accuracy was no doubt helped greatly by the smooth trigger pull.

The Taurus PT-145 Millennium Pro proved to be a compact, accurate, and reliable pistol that would make an excellent gun for concealed carry or home defense. It comes supplied with one magazine, magazine loading tool, instruction manual, cleaning brush, and two key locks in a lockable hard plastic storage case. It also carries the Taurus lifetime warranty, and comes with a one year membership in the National Rifle Association.

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Jeff Quinn


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The Taurus PT 145 Millennium Pro .45 ACP pistol.



Reliability is enhanced by a very well polished feed ramp.



The Taurus PT 145 features a visible and tactile loaded chamber indicator.



The PT 145 also features the Taurus Security System key-locking mechanism.



Dual recoil spring system aids in the PT 145's function, which proved flawless in our testing.



Ten-round magazine is standard.