Taurus Curve 380 ACP Semi-Automatic Pocket Pistol

by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

August 1st, 2015


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Loaded-chamber indicator.



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Taurus USA markets a wide variety of firearms. They have more models of revolvers than I can keep track of, as well as a full line of semi-automatic pistols from pocket size to full size, filling every niche in between. Taurus has introduced some unique handguns over the past few years. Their Judge revolver was a game-changer back in 2007 when it was introduced, quickly becoming a full line of very popular compact shotguns. The compact "View" was something different when introduced a couple of years ago; having a clear Lexan sideplate and a miniscule grip. I never cared for the small grip on that revolver, and to me, the clear sideplate looked just awful. Now, Taurus is producing a compact pocket semi-auto that is like no other on the market. The Taurus Curve is bent, or curved; looking somewhat like someone slightly melted a pistol, with the result being a pocket gun that is gently curved to fit the contours of the human body.

When the Curve is slipped onto a right-hand front or hip pocket, or clipped on the belt, it fits the curves of the human body. Same thing in the hand. It decidedly favors a right-handed person. It can be used by a left-handed shooter, but for a left-hander, the curved shape works against the shooter. Aside from the curvature of the polymer grip section of the pistol, the Curve is also very smooth, with no sharp edges nor protrusions. It is a smooth as a used bar of soap. The edges of the steel slide are rounded to prevent wear on the shooter's clothing and body. The slide locks open on an empty magazine, but there is no manual slide lock. There is also no manual safety nor a magazine latch protruding from the pistol. The internal safeties prevent the pistol from firing unless the trigger is pulled to the rear, and the magazine is released at the bottom left side, just above the base plate. The front and back of the grip area is textured for a secure hold, and the slide is serrated for a positive grip.

This particular version of the Taurus Curve is equipped with both a light and a laser. There are no sights on the pistol, but there are white lines on the rear of the slide for reference. The light/laser is activated by a switch on the right side of the pistol that is reached by the shooter's trigger finger. The light and laser can be set to activate separately, or at the same time. The laser is adjustable to change the point of impact.

The trigger pull is smooth; very smooth, and releases with an average of slightly over four pounds of resistance. The pistol has a magazine disconnect safety, and will not fire without a magazine in place. The magazine catch is very positive, and should not be accidentally pressed while in the pocket, as often happens with some brands of 380 pocket pistols. The Curve is hammer-fired, and the slide has to reset the hammer for each shot. Chambering the first round from the magazine is not any more difficult that with competitive pocket pistols, but there is not much slide to grasp. I recommend using the two-handed push/pull method to cycle the slide manually. The Curve has a visual and tactile loaded-chamber indicator atop the slide.

Critical specifications for the Taurus Curve are listed in the chart below. Weights are listed in ounces. Linear dimensions are listed in inches. Trigger pull is listed in pounds of resistance, as measured with my Lyman digital trigger pull scale. Height includes the magazine floor plate. Maximum width is measured across the slide and includes the belt clip. Weight includes empty magazine.

Chambering 380 ACP
Weight with Empty Magazine 13.4 ounces
Trigger Pull 4.1 pounds
Barrel Length 2.72 inches (2.55 effective)
Barrel Diameter 0.432 inch
Overall Height 3.71 inches
Overall Length 5.13 inches
Grip Width 0.89 inch
Slide Width 0.901 inch
Maximum Width 1.07 inches
Trigger Reach 2.56 inches
Magazine Capacity 6
Magazines Supplied 2
Sights None
Accessory Rail No
Magazine Disconnect Safety Yes
Loaded Chamber Indicator Yes
MSRP as of August 2015 $392.00 US

I fired the Curve with every brand and type of 380 auto ammunition available to me to check for reliable function. I fired a variety of ammunition over the chronograph to check velocities, with the results listed in the chart below. Velocities are listed in feet-per-second (FPS). Bullet weights are listed in grains. JHP is a jacketed hollowpoint bullet. TAC-XP and DPX are Barnes hollow nose homogenous copper bullets. FMJ is a full metal jacket roundnose bullet. FP is a full metal jacket flat-nose bullet.  PB is Cor-Bon Pow’RBall. HC is a hard-cast flat-nose lead bullet. Velocities were taken at an elevation of 541 feet above sea level, ten feet from the muzzle, with an air temperature around the ninety-two degree Fahrenheit mark, with fifty-five percent  humidity.    

Ammunition Bullet Weight Velocity
Buffalo Bore JHP 90 972
Buffalo Bore FMJ 95 801
Buffalo Bore HC 100 910
Buffalo Bore TAC-XP +P 80 1146
Buffalo Bore JHP +P 90 1087
Buffalo Bore FMJ +P 95 1094
Buffalo Bore HC +P 100 1023
Remington JHP 88 830
Stryker FP 95 884
Atomic JHP 90 840
Cor-Bon JHP 90 963
Cor-Bon PB 70 1200
Cor-Bon DPX 80 945
Handload JHP 88 824

Functioning was one hundred percent reliable with this Taurus Curve pistol. Every cartridge fed, fired, and ejected perfectly. The magazine holds six cartridges, and they load easily without a loading tool. Inserting a loaded magazine with the slide closed requires a positive effort. A light tap on the base plate assures that the magazine is fully seated.  

The Taurus Curve, aside from the smooth, curved profile, is still a dandy little pocket 380 autoloader. The curvature of the pistol, along with its relatively light weight, makes the Curve delightful to carry for a right-handed shooter. The suggested retail price of the Curve is $392 US as of the date of this review, which is very competitive, especially considering that the Curve has both a light and a laser.  It is a compact, reliable, and handy little pocket gun, and is made in the USA. 

Check out the Curve and other Taurus firearms and accessories online at www.taurususa.com.

For the location of a Taurus dealer near you, click on the DEALER LOCATOR at www.lipseys.com.

To order the Curve online, go click on the Gun Genie at www.galleryofguns.com.

To order quality 380 ACP ammunition, go to www.luckygunner.com, www.buffalobore.com, www.doubletapammo.com, and www.midsouthshooters.com.

Jeff Quinn

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Pistol comes with hard case, instructions, trigger shield, keys, and two magazines.











Key lock renders pistol inoperable.