Target Shooting, Inc New Model 1000 Sandbag Rifle Rest


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn

September 30th, 2008




Gunblast readers are by now long familiar with my affection for the shooting rests produced by Wally Brownlee at Target Shooting, Inc. I have used Wally’s rests since buying my first one from him at a SHOT Show many years ago. I test a lot of rifles, and to determine just how accurate a rifle can be, I have to use the steadiest rest possible. The goal when I am testing a rifle is not to see how well I can shoot, but to see how well the rifle/scope/ammo shoots. To do this, I need to eliminate as much human error as possible, and I have come to trust Target Shooting, Inc. rests above all others that I have tried. Their Model 1000 is the premier, top of the line model, and it is my “go to” rest whenever I am testing a new rifle. The Model 500 that I have had for years is one that I take to the field with me, and it is also a fine bench rest, but does not have windage adjustment like the 1000.

The latest version of the Model 1000, which is pictured here, uses front and rear sandbags for support instead of the standard blocks on the original Model 1000. Many shooters were requesting that Wally design a rest that uses sandbags, and Wally delivered. The rest with bags weighs about 35 pounds, and is an extremely steady rest from which to shoot. The sandbags are made for Target Shooting, Inc. by Protektor, and are securely fastened to the rest. Just like other TSI rests, the 1000 with bags works very well for lever actions and rifles with extended magazines. Many rests on the market do not. The Model 1000 has rubber covered feet for shooting from a metal bench, while removing the rubber covers exposes spike feet for shooting atop a wooden or concrete bench. Each front leg has a leveling adjustment, and the primary elevation is done with the huge adjustment wheel. Windage adjustment is accomplished with a knob on the side of the front rest. The twin rails are very sturdy, and allow the rest to lengthen to fit any shoulder fired weapon made, including the big .50 BMG rifles that are popular for 2000 yard shooting.

The Target Shooting, Inc. Model 1000 is a fine machine rest, and is now made even better with the addition of the leather sandbags. It will also accept the standard Model 1000 accessories. I highly recommend it. If I knew of a better rifle rest, I would own it, but the Model 1000 is, to the best of my knowledge, the best such rest on Earth.

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Jeff Quinn



Latest version of the Model 1000 uses specially-made Protektor sandbags.





Rifle can swing 360 degrees for field / hunting use.





Windage adjustment.



Robust elevation adjustment wheel.

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Target Shooting, Inc.'s new Model 1000 Sandbag Rifle Rest. Original Model 1000 rest (with rubber-covered blocks rather than sandbags) is shown in background.



Length adjusts to fit any rifle, from short carbines to big .50 BMG rifles.



Double-rail system works well with lever guns or rifles with extended magazines.



Rear section adjustment knobs.



Rear foot.



Front feet has rubber covers or spikes for maximum stability on a variety of bench surfaces.