Target Shooting, Inc. Model TSI 360 Tripod


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

May 14th, 2011


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Target Shooting, Inc. Model 360 with rear bag.



Bag has a belt clip for easy carrying.



Delrin ring tightens tripod to Picatinny rail.



Trigger deploys the tripod's legs very quickly.





The TSI Model 360 Tripod from Target Shooting, Inc. of Watertown, South Dakota is a dandy little shooting rest, and I have been anxiously awaiting its production for many months now. It was about two years ago that Wally Brownlee showed me his original prototype for this portable shooting tripod. After a lot of development and engineering work, the Model 360 Tripod is now in production.

There are plenty of quick-attach bipods and a couple of tripods on the market, but nothing that approaches the quality and stability of this unit. It is obvious that much thought went into the development of this Model 360 tripod. Weighing in at eighteen ounces, the 360 is built primarily of aluminum construction. The feet and the collar are made from Delrin, to prevent marring of surfaces, and to provide quiet use.

The TSI 360 will attach to any section of Picatinny rail, easily and quickly by sliding it on and tightening the collar. The legs are deployed by a single touch of the trigger. The tripod can be used with the legs folded, but for added stability, it is best used with the legs fully deployed. The height is adjustable from five and one-half to seven inches, in three positions. The footprint of the three legs when deployed covers seven and one-quarter inches.

The head of the TSI 360 swivels fifteen degrees in all directions to allow for uneven surfaces, and the tension of the swivel head is adjustable for resistance. The tripod will swivel horizontally 360 degrees, for ease of swinging the rifle towards the target.

The TSI Model 360 provides a very sturdy shooting position for use in the field or at a range which has no machine rests available. Whether mounted on an AR or a more traditional style rifle, the TSI 360 offers benchrest stability, in a very portable and compact unit. For the support of the buttstock, Target Shooting also has a handy little bag that is very versatile and easy to carry, and its use can best be seen by watching the video. For rifles which have no Picatinny rail, TSI sells an adapter which attaches easily to any standard sling swivel stud, and the rail section has a protective plastic layer to protect the stock’s finish.

Like all products offered by Target Shooting, Inc., every minor detail of the TSI Model 360 has been perfected, and it is made entirely in the USA.

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Jeff Quinn

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Click pictures for a larger version.


Model 360 tripod has three height positions.



Head swivels 15 degrees in all directions, and pivots a full 360 degrees.



A sling stud adapter is available to attach the TSI 360 to almost any rifle.



Picatinny rail adapter has a thin plastic layer to protect rifle stock finish.