Target Shooting, Inc. Model 200 Target Stand


by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

January 16th, 2010




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I am very fortunate to have a shooting range right outside my back door, but most shooters do not enjoy such luxury. It was once that way for me also. I would have to pack up the guns, ammo, holsters, fried baloney sandwiches, and whatever else I needed to head off to a shooting range, or gravel pit, or just back in the woods.  Once there, setting up a target usually meant a cardboard box with a rock in it. Even if you shoot at an established range, there usually are not enough target stands to go around, and you are back to the rock-in-a-box target. I once had a target stand that I made out of PVC pipe, and it worked pretty well, but was still bulky and cumbersome.

Here we have the Model 200 target stand from Target Shooting, Inc. Like everything that they make, the Model 200 is overbuilt. It is made from steel and aluminum, and it folds flat for transport. This can be better seen in the video than I can describe it, but no tools are needed, and just tightening one knob sets the target upright, no matter how steep or uneven the terrain.

All components of the Model 200 are replaceable, just in case someone shoots your target stand. I know that you would never do such a thing, but what about your shooting buddy? Anyway, the plate that holds the target can take a few hits, but when you shoot it to pieces, you can replace that as well. What I really like is that the Model 200 will support a tall target, getting the stand well out of the line of fire. I like the corrugated plastic lightweight material that is used for yard signs and such, but stiff cardboard, sheet metal, or thin plywood will work perfectly in the Model 200.

It folds down flat, and takes up very little room, so it can be left behind the seat of the pickup or in the trunk of the car, always ready to go shooting.

The Model 200 is a good investment in your shooting, and is a quality piece of American-made equipment.

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Jeff Quinn

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Tightening this knob sets the stand upright on any terrain.



Heavy-duty spikes hold the stand firmly in the ground.



Model 2000 target stand folds flat for transport and storage.